How to give an attractive look for your blog post

For easy ranking on Google, how to give an attractive look to the contents of your blog post and fix the spelling mysteries easily through Grammarly Check.

As long as your content has a look and spelling correctness, but a person likes or is interested in reading an article. But if that content has bad-looking and spelling mistakes, would anyone like to read your article? It doesn’t feel good. And we make this mistake. For that, we don’t get Google rank quickly.

And this is why there is a big negative barrier to traffic to your content or article. And if you don’t have article traffic, you don’t really like to write or don’t mind. Many people give up blogging out of frustration.

We all have a mother tongue. And we are accustomed to say or write about it. We can all write well in our own language. But if you write in your own language, you cannot be ranked globally. For that you have to write an article in English.

The main problem is here. In all cases, English is a little difficult. Someone may know English completely, no matter what happens to them. But those who do not know exactly but are blogging will have difficulty. Either the spelling is wrong or the paragraph is sorted, there must be something wrong somewhere.

And there is a simple and free application and website to fix this mistake. With the help of which you can detect your mistake in the blink of an eye while writing online and give you the option to write correctly. And the look of your writing also makes it attractive.

What is the name and function of this website?

The name of this website is

Its function is that the content you are writing or the paragraph you are typing if you type a mistake, this application will immediately detect your mistake and give you the option to correct the mistake. And at the same time, you can correct your mistake.

It has another great job, that is to googling your writing. Suppose the spelling of the paragraph you are writing is correct, but it does not look good, then this application will do good looking of your paragraph immediately. With just a click or two.

So again, to make your article attractive, so that it can capture people’s minds, sign up for this website for free and add it to your Chrome browser. Even if you don’t believe it, take a look and it will help you.

How to add Grammarly to your Chrome browser?

To add Grammarly to the Chrome browser, you first need to open a new tab. And you have to type there. You can also click on Grammarly. Then a new tab will open in front of you. Just like the picture below.

How to give an attractive look1 to the contents of your blog post and fix the spelling mystics easily
How to give an attractive look1 to the contents of your blog post and fix the spelling mystics easily

Now you do not add to the Chrome browser before. First sign-up here with your email or phone number and password then add it to your browser by clicking on the add chrome browser option you will get.

The diameter is the end of your work. Now wait 10 minutes and refresh your browser once. You will see that you feel comfortable while typing.

If you don’t understand the way I said so long, you can watch the video below. Although the language of the video is Bengali, you can still understand it.

Hope you understand. Don’t hesitate to comment if there is something wrong with my article or if you think I have misunderstood. And if you want a blog related article or something you don’t know but you need, let me know by commenting. I will answer as simply as possible.

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