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Easy way to Auto-generate open graph image in WordPress website for social media And All Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Meta Setup.

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Before explaining how to generate open graph images automatically, it is essential to know why to generate open graph images. I would like to explain to you the reason for generating open graph images very easily.

Why set up an open graph image?

The reason for setting an open graph image is to share only the link of your blog or page on any social media as well as show it on that social media with the feature image of your blog or page. In this case, the open graph meta title and meta description of the blog or page also have the same role.

There are many reasons to set up Open Graph Image, Open Graph Meta, Open Graph Title, Open Graph Description which are very important, I would like to encourage you to set up Open Graph Image with social media in mind. Because if you are only interested in open graphs for this one topic then all the issues will be solved automatically.

How to auto-generate open graph images?

To automatically generate open graph images, you need to have a plugin installed on your admin panel or site. The name of that plugin, Rank Math SEO Plugin. With this Rank Math SEO and Plugins, you can easily generate automatic open graph images. There are also more SEO plugins, but the Rank Math plugin makes your job much easier.

In this blog, I will show you how to set up an automatic open graph image using Rank Math plugin.

The first step in setting up an automatic open graph image is to upload a featured image to your blog or page. Everyone probably knows how to upload feature images. If you don’t know, you can learn about uploading feature images by looking at the image below.

Auto Generate Open Graph Images In WordPress
Featured Image Uploading Way

After uploading a featured image, the process of automatically generating an open graph image for your blog or page should begin.

If the Rank Math SEO plugin is installed in the plugin section, in the admin panel of your WordPress website, you will see a red button at the top right of your desktop or laptop screen when writing a blog or on a blog editing page. To automatically set up Open Graph Image, SEO Meta Title, SEO Meta Description, SEO Permalink, etc. you have to go to the option of that button.

After clicking on that red button of Rank Math SEO Plugin, you will see an option called (Edit Snippet). The setting of this Edit Snippet is your complete SEO setup and here is your blog auto-generate open graph image. Take a good look at the image below to go to the Edit Snippet option.

Auto Generate Open Graph Images
Rank Math Seo Plugin Setup

After going to the Edit Snippet option, you need to set up the open graph image of your blog and set up the Open Graph Mate title, description, and URL. If you look at the two images well, all your doubts will be cleared. About open graph images and other setups.

The first image below is about the SEO of a blog, such as SEO titles, SEO URLs, and SEO descriptions, all of which are called meta setups.

Open Graph Image
Open Graph General Setting

Secondly, I am giving two pictures below, in the first picture you will see that the open graph image has been generated automatically. You may have noticed by now why this has happened, let me tell you once again, The featured image you uploaded to your blog automatically generates an open graph image. And that’s only possible with the Rank Math plugin. See the image below.

Auto Generate Open Graph Images In WordPress
Open Graph Setup

The setup shown in the image below shows the contents of the Open Graph meta title and the Open Graph meta description.

Auto Generate Open Graph Images In WordPress
Open Graph Meta Title And Description

The last three pictures I have shown above are the complete setup of this blog. I urge you to please read the entire blog and try to understand by looking at the pictures. I hope you read the whole blog carefully and you will have no doubt about your open graph images, titles, descriptions.

If you still have any doubts after reading this blog in its entirety, you can watch the video below to understand it better.

Auto Genarate Open Graph Image in WordPress Website


This blog was not created to promote any plugins or software. The plugin mentioned is for the convenience of readers only, and because of our ease of use.

Hope you enjoyed reading the entire blog. If I’ve missed a step on this blog, please let me know. I will try to update that missed step as much as possible.

Also feel free to let me know if you have any difficulty understanding the steps in this blog, in the comment box below, or through the contact form.

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