Best & Cheapest Indian web hosting 85/Month.

Best and Cheapest Indian Web Hosting Company, Which currently provides the most advanced services in India at a very low cost.

We share reviews of various web hosting companies on our website. No! We are not doing any affiliate business. We combine different types of reviews from different people and do research about each web hosting company. Then we publish a detailed review of the company so that you can gain a thorough knowledge of the company before purchasing a web hosting service.

Money is very valuable to every human being. No one wants to waste their money. We also don’t want your money to be wasted. So we make these reviews for you. So that people can save both money and time.

There are some things to keep in mind whenever you go to buy a web hosting service. I am telling you about those things one by one. Then let me know which company’s hosting service will be most suitable for you at the present time.

Things to keep in mind when buying a hosting service.


Best & Cheapest Indian web hosting 85/Month.
Best & Cheapest Indian web hosting 85/Month.

You first need to know how advanced the technology of the company you are buying the hosting service from is. Will the service of that company be able to adapt to the current generation? This means you need to know what their services are like from the company’s support team, then deal with them.

2.Hardware: You need to know, how advanced the computer hardware technology of the company from which you want to buy hosting services for ran your website.

3.Support: We are all experienced in everyone’s mother tongue or national language. Not everyone is equally proficient in English. So you should also know if the company you are buying hosting services can help you in your national language or mother tongue? I mean, since Indian web hosting is being discussed, you must know if they can support you in the Indian language.

4.Pricing: You must know the pricing of the hosting company from which you will buy the hosting service. Because there are different companies that have different hidden charges. The webpage will show you the same price, then after making different demands. You will know better about these, whether they have any hidden charges.


Get to know the privacy of the hosting company from which you want to buy web hosting services. Since your website will run on their servers, you need to know how to keep your site secure by contacting Consumer Support.

6.Server: You also need to know which countries’ servers are connected to the servers of the companies from which you will buy hosting services. Because when your site is famous, it is very important to connect your site’s servers with servers in different countries.

Let me tell you more about a hosting company where all of the above are available. And we have collected some more exclusive information for your convenience. I hope you will benefit a lot from the exclusive information below.

Exclusive information about cheapest Indian web hosting

Best & Cheapest Indian web hosting 85/Month.
Best & Cheapest Indian web hosting 85/Month.

The name of the hosting company I am talking about is The company says that they provide cheap and best web hosting in India to its customers in India. They also say that small companies need low-cost plans, so they have chosen affordable hosting for their customers. The main claim of this company is that they are one of the best service providers in India.

We also found out by contacting different people (who use the hosting of this company) that HostingRaja. provides really good service. Pricing is also affordable. We are also very optimistic about this hosting company.

Let us know step by step, why we are optimistic about HostingRaja and why you should buy a hosting service from this company.


In our opinion, you can buy any service from this company at a very low price. There are no hidden charges here. We have prepared a price list for you. From which you can get a general idea. This list we created may change. We have mentioned the prices of the current services of that company.

Small Business Website85 /month
Blog Website149/Month
Corporate Website161/Month
Premium Corporate(Unlimited Data)287/Month
Medium Traffic Portal204/Month
High Traffic Portal226/Month

In our opinion, this pricing is affordable for everyone. If you want to buy a web hosting service, you can choose anyone, according to your recommendation.

Now let us know the exclusive information about this hosting company.

About email accounts and packages

HostingRaja has unlimited email accounts with unlimited and premium packages and there are no restrictions on the site you host. (However, there will be a limitation if you use the Gold or Silver package). The services provided to you can be used perfectly without any interruption. RAM, CPU, and inode limitations are different with each package

About website security

As a regular customer, you should know that there is a unique feature available in HostingRaja’s protection case. And for this reason, HostingRaj is very proud and confident that the web hosting services they provide in India are more secure than other providers. Users can purchase servers with a lot of confidence in security.

Hostingraja offers a free SSL certificate with unlimited and premium packages.

Discounts on web hosting services

Best & Cheapest Indian web hosting 85/Month.

HostingRaja offers discounts of up to 55% on the costs mentioned on their site. Even here it is more likely to be available at lower prices than other companies’ hosting services, as it will be hosted outside the United States or India. But all the servers are hosted in India to promote better performance and SEO.

The other details of the hostingraja

HostingRaja uses all advanced versions of PHP and MySQL databases. PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.6 supported.

HostingRaja’s unlimited and premium plan supports at least 50,000 to 100,000 views per day.

HostingRaja’s clients have never faced any restrictions (according to their package) such as email, data usage, support, etc.

Web hosting packages support almost all open source PHP based web applications.

HostingRaja provides SSD drives for their servers with the option of a combination of SSD and 15K RPM high-speed drives for their servers. Which provides the best speed needed for applications.

HostingRaja usually responds to all tickets within 1 to 2 hours and resolves all clients’ issues within 2 to 4 hours.


We have done our best to provide you with accurate and much-needed information about what you need to know to buy a web hosting service and which Indian hosting company will be the most useful for you right now.

If you need more information (about any web hosting company) feel free to contact us or let us know in the comment box below. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You So Much For Being With Me.

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