Set-Up Bing URL Submissions Plugin instant index content

Now you don’t have to go to Bing Webmaster Tools To submit your URL, it will be submitted automatically with the help of Bing URL Submission Plugin

Good news for those who use WordPress. It’s a pleasure because we’ve been submitting our URLs to Bing manually for so long. There was a lot of time-dependent matter. Now you no longer have to waste time submitting URLs. Will be submitted automatically.

For those who do not use Bing URL tools, it is a little difficult to understand. But it is very convenient for those who use it.

Just as we use Google Webmaster Tools, so do Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools has the same process as Google to index by submitting a URL. Just as Google Webmaster is a product of Google, Bing Webmaster is a product of Microsoft.

However, there is no need to waste time playing so many roles. The real question is why use Bing Webmaster Tools? Use this because Google Webmaster can give you as much traffic as Bing Webmaster can give you. So if you neglect something, you will fall behind.

What are the requirements for the Bing URL Submission Plugin?

You will need three things to make automatic URL submissions with the Bing URL Submission Plugin.

The first is the Bing Webmaster account,

The second is the Bing API key,

The third is you need to download the plugin.

I don’t have to tell you how to create a Bing account. Almost everyone can create an account. So I am skipping this step. Going to the next step, where to find Bing Webmaster API Key?

Where and how to get the Bing Webmaster API key?

For Bing Webmaster API you go to your Bing Dashboard and go there to see the text on the bottom left of Webmaster API. Click There and go to the API page. Here you have to look at the level of a little attention, you see there is an option called a generate. Click on him. You will see that your API has been generated. Just like the picture.

Set-Up Bing URL Submissions Plugin instant index content.
Set-Up Bing URL Submissions Plugin instant index content.

Now you leave this page like this. Now we need the plugin, for that, we have to go to the third step. Here we will install, activate, and set the plugin.

How to download, activate, and settings the Bing URL Submission Plugin?

You can download the Bing URL Submission Plugin in two ways. One is you just click here and download.

There is also a simpler way you can install and activate Bing Webmaster’s URL Submission Plugin.

Just Go To Your Admin Panel Dashboard…..

fter coming to the dashboard in the admin panel, you will go to the Ad New section of the Plugins section.

Now after coming to the ad new section, you type Bing URL Submission. Then you will see a plugin just like the image given below. Now install and activate the Bing URL Submission Plugin.

After installing and activating, you see that a new plugin has been added to your Installed Plugins section. The new plugin that has been added is called the Bing URL Submission Plugin. Now look at the settings option under that plugin, now click on that setting option.

Clicking on the settings option takes you to a page that takes you to the text, Pastes your 32-character API’s here to start the Bing URL subscription…………….. Now copy the API key that you generated to your webmaster account here and paste it in this option.

After pasting the API key in this option, just click Start the plugin.

Complete! And you have nothing to do with Bing Webmaster. This time Bing URL Submission Plugin will increase. You just post your blogs. The Bing URL Submission Plugin will submit the URL. And one more thing, it only applies to Bing Webmaster submissions. This is a new addition to Bing Webmaster.

Hope you understand the whole process, if you don’t understand somewhere or I have misunderstood somewhere, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for being with me…Biplob Halder…..

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