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Cloud Management Platforms refer to the tools and digital management ecosystem for efficient infrastructure management regardless of the type of public, private, and hybrid.

In this article we are going to mention some of the best Cloud Management Platforms that will help you to extract maximum potential out of your cloud environment while lowering down the costs and multiplying the productivity: 

To create this list of (cloud management platforms), we have checked the products against the following criteria that underline the essential and advanced capabilities to manage all the key aspect of the cloud environment like: 

  • Friendly UI with self-service capabilities
  • System image provisioning for better monitoring
  • Robust functionality for billing and metering to track usage and control the costs
  • Optimizing and balancing the workloads

The ones that offer remarkable performance and outcome on the above-mentioned points are included in this cloud management platforms list:

IBM Cloud Orchestrator

IBM has introduced a dynamic cloud management platform for provisioning automation of cloud services. It works on innovative tools based on specific policies that determine the quality and scope of functionality.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator
Image Source: IBM Cloud Orchestrator

The USPs of Cloud Orchestrator (that’s the name of the platform) include a shorter learning curve, intuitive UI, and purpose-built tools for improved security automated workflows. Collectively it offers dependable capabilities to tackle different aspects of all the three types of clouds- public-private and hybrid. 


  • Easy development and testing environment for different apps
  • Seamless facilities for logically coordinating diverse tasks
  • Automated cloud configuration
  • Excellent management ecosystem for cloud services
  • Extensive cloud usage reporting
  • Cost dashboards
  • Automated change management 
  • Self-service portal with extensive customization 
  • SLA compliance

While the base version also offers sophisticated infrastructure and automation capabilities, the enterprise version packs more robust analytical capabilities of various what-if instances along with comprehensive health dashboards. 

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VMware CPM helps users that the maximum control over their cloud ecosystem by providing them sophisticated features like Log Insight, Suite Lifecycle Manager, Automation functionalities, and more. The vRealize suite of VMware accelerates the overall application performance by boosting speed, improving efficiency, and extending the control. 

5 Best Cloud Management Platforms
Image Source: VMware

Availability of different sandbox options offers admins and developers a wider menu to select any tool they are most comfortable with. It allows them to deliver their premium performance without any restrictions. 


  • High-end services for smooth management
  • Combination of the Database server and inventory service
  • V-Center Orchestrator
  • Availability of Server-linked mode

As a leading name in the industry of cloud and virtualization technologies, VMware’s vRealise Suite has lived up to VMWare’s tradition to provide user-first applications with high-end efficiency. The only limitation with vRealise is a wider learning curve that isn’t in line with the agile workflow of fast-growing organizations- especially the smaller ones with the limited size of the IT department. That said the capabilities, functionalities, and controls of vRealise don’t fail to impress. 

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Apache Cloud Stack

The wide popularity of Apache CloudStack is because of its robust performance delivery, easy UI, and open source infrastructure. Users get good support from the community. For more demanding clients the company also offers enterprise-grade support. 

5 Best Cloud Management Platforms
Image Source: Apache CloudStack

Simplified operations make it smooth to manage a high volume of virtual machine networks. The model provides you RESTful API thus facilitating the seamless connection of third-party services both in terms of ease and volume. Its dynamic model can grow with your business to support the increasing needs…


  • Compute orchestration
  • NaaS
  • User and account management
  • Dynamic management for workload regulation, etc.
  • Open native API
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Failsafe Security environment with secure cloud deployments, etc.
  • Logical Resource provisioning

The huge community support and helpful tutorials make it easy to get started with Apache MPs. It offers you the code which is another plus point. Also, Th open source model makes sure that your progressive plans are not tethered by technical limitations or proprietary issues. 

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Flexera Rightscale

Flexera RighScale came into existence as the Rightscale purchased Flexera. I pack strong capabilities for managing the public as well as private clouds. It works equally well with virtual and bare metal servers

It also facilitates and automates the management of various services like Azure, AWS, and others. 


  • Orchestration engine for automated actions for diverse cloud services and servers.
  • Governance automation for security, compliance, costs, and operations with custom policies.
  • Control over clouds, data centers, and tenants access
  • Workload monitoring features
  • Reporting features
  • Dependable security ecosystem with automated alerts

Flexera shows a promising steady growth built on real capabilities and the constant growth post-acquisition also assures that the takeover instance won’t affect the original spirit of the company. 

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BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management focuses on the agile provisional model and offers uniform capabilities on simple VMs as well as a full-fledged application stack. Built on extensive automation capabilities this platform can work equally well on cloud and non-cloud platforms. 

5 Best Cloud Management Platforms
 Image Source: BMC Cloud

It facilitates the automatic application of policies aligning with security and compliances. Automated ITSM governance practices are another major USP of the BMC cloud.


  • Self-service structure
  • ITSM governance automation
  • Works seamlessly across multiple platforms
  • Extensive service provisioning
  • Continuous compliance
  • Service health management

BMC cloud is tactfully architected to simplify the system provisioning process by lower down the cost, complexities, and time, Simple UI and extended international support with high-quality assistance are other major qualities of BMC.

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To effectively control your cloud environment you need to have a firm grip over its infrastructure. CMP or cloud management platforms allow you to take maximum control over your cloud infrastructure by providing you the required tools and digital self-service interface to monitor, manage, control, and optimize your infrastructure for meeting your daily cloud performance objectives.

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