How To Detect And Fix Broken Link In Website | Easy Way 2021

How to detect and fix broken links on any page or post of any WordPress website in an easy way.

Hello friends.

You may have understood the topic I am going to discuss in this blog just by looking at the title. Once again, this blog discusses in detail how to fix broken links.

Friends, we all know that if you have a broken link on your website, it will have a bad effect on on-page SEO.

In that case, we all need to identify and remove the broken links on our website.

As far as I know. There are many free tools for detecting broken links. But there are no tools or plugins to fix broken links. And if so, I have doubts about how well that plugin works.

For this I would like to inform you specifically that you should not look for any plugin to find the shortcut way to fix the broken link of your website.

You need to apply manual methods to fix broken links on your website. Because I have doubts whether there is a better way than manual to fix broken link.

In the video below, I have discussed in full detail and shown step by step how to easily detect and fix the broken link of your website.

My sincere request to every friend, please watch the whole video so that no step is missed. If you miss a step, you will not be able to apply it properly for your website.

Learn how to detect and fix broken links in the video

Detect broken links on your website by clicking here and fix broken links manually


The way I suggested to you about detecting and fixing broken links in this video is how I fix broken links on my website. If you have any complaints or suggestions about the way shown in this video, feel free to contact me in the comment box below or in the contact form. I will try my best to answer your query.

Thank You So Much For Being With Me…

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