Detect, reduce and prevent any website spam for better speed

How To Detect, Reduce And Prevent Any Website Spam For better speed, please read all the details carefully.

Website spam is an important issue. Your ranking depends on it. Yes, it is true. The more spam you have on your website, the lower your ranking will be. When people come to your website, if they see that your website has a high spam score, then people do not want to stay connected to your website, no matter how good the content on your site. Everyone knows that good linking can help a website grow or succeed.

I request everyone who is reading this article to pay attention to the spam on your site. Otherwise, you may face a big loss for your site. I don’t want to waste your time playing too much role. Significantly detect spam, reduce spam, and learn more about how to prevent spam in the future.

Ways to detect spam

The best way to detect spam is to spend a little time, but you need to know it carefully. This is an important and very useful thing for your website.

In order to detect spam you need to have a free or paid account at

To open an account at you need to open a new tab on your computer, enter and you will be taken directly to this site. And go there and sign up with your email address, name, address, user ID, password. Once the sign-up process is complete, log in again, and follow the step-by-step steps below to detect spam.

After logging in to, you will find an option called (Link Explorer) by clicking on the Free SEO and Tools section in the top bar, click on this link explorer and go ahead.

Detect, reduce and prevent any websites spam for better speed
Detect, reduce and prevent any websites spam for better speed

After going to Link Explorer, select the box (root domain) in the box you will find, enter your website URL in the blank box or copy and paste it to analyze.

Once your site has been analyzed at, you will see a section called Spam Score on the left or right side of that page. Click on this spam score section to proceed to the front page. And you can find out your spam score on this page.

I have shared with you the current domain authority, page authority, and spam score of my site, just for the convenience of your understanding (11/09/2020). Here’s how to know your site’s spam score.

The spam score is known. Let’s find out which links are harmful to your site. How to detect which sites are increasing spam on your site.

All those sites have a spam score of 1 to 30, you can link to your site on all those sites. All these sites are protected for you. If you link to all these sites, there will be no spam on your site. Your site will have a spam score of 0.

Sites that have a spam score of 30 to 60, if you put a link to your site or your site linking to their site, then your site will start spam. A link is also not secure for your site. No matter where you link to your site, always make sure that the site’s spam score is not above 30.

When you manually check your site’s spam score on this you will see a graph, and by looking at that graph you will understand what I want you to understand. I am sharing pictures of my graph below and pointing arrows at the image which is spam for my site.

Detect, reduce and prevent any website spam for better speed

All the links that have a spam score higher than 30 are spam for you. And these are the things you need to choose if your site is linked to a site with a spam score above 30. You can get all the details on this page of

Hope you understand how to know the spam score and what are the spam links on your site. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this. I will answer your question as best I can.

Ways to reduce spam scores

At, you need to unlink the links above 30 from your site or you have to unlink the sites you have linked to. You can detect spam links on your site. From, you can find all the sites with spam scores above 30 by searching your site and unlinking them. Spend a little time on the spam links that you will not find on your site.

Your site may have been unknowingly linked to over 30 spam sites. To unlink your site from this spammy site, you go directly to that site (with spam score above 30). And go to that site and find your domain URL in the search box of their site. You will definitely get any link to your site. From now on you will not be able to delete or unlink your link directly. You can request the owners of all these sites to delete or unlink so that they delete your link.

This way you can reduce your site’s spam score. Remember that the process of reducing this spam score is very time-consuming. You may go to all the spam links in one day and request to delete your link from their website, but they will delete your link from their site according to their time. You have to wait for them. Very quickly you wanted and it happened, but not at all. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to reduce all the spam on your site from a plugin or a spam reducer site, I don’t think that’s possible. Because I don’t know of any plugins or websites that can properly reduce spam scores from your site. Even if someone promises you, I will say that it is also impossible. Because removing spam is not the job of any third party for your site. Try the process I mentioned above. It will be useful for you if it is a little time-consuming.

Prevent spam on your site

There are two ways to prevent spam from coming to your site. There are two ways you can do this. And if you follow these two ways properly, your site will be completely spamming free.

The first way

In this step I will tell you, refrain from indexing your site from any indexing tool. I mean, refrain from indexing or ping any post on your site from various automatic indexing tools or automatic indexing websites. Because when you are indexing a post or page with automatic indexing tools, you will never know where your page or post is linking to. And this is why you may not know that spam is coming to your site.

Make sure you link to your site, but do it manually and link knowing the domain authority, page authority, and spam score of the site you’re linking to. You will not link your site to any site with a spam score of more than 30. This is detrimental to your site.

You can activate the Moz bar to easily know the domain/page authority and spam score of any site. Go to So no matter which site you visit, you will immediately show all the details of that site in your Moz bar.

The second way

In the second step, you have to do two things. All you have to do is sign up for a website ( and collect an API from there. And you have to collect the API key

Secondly, you need to install a plugin in your admin panel called (Akismet anti-spam). You can also download this plugin from the link given in the video below. After installing this plugin, pasting the API key that you copied and pasted here (Save Changes) will activate this (Akismet anti-spam) plugin.

Click here to download the anti-spam plugin. One more thing, before you download, take a good look at the video. Then you will benefit a lot.


Detecting spam, reducing, preventing spam, the whole article is written in the author’s own experience. This article was not created for anyone’s promotion.

How did you like this article? Do you have any doubts after reading this article? Do you have any questions?

If you have any comments, let us know in the comment box below. Looking forward to your comments. Editor – Biplob Haldar.

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