How To Use Easy Table Of Content Plugin For WordPress 2021

Use Easy Table Of Content to Breakdown of any article or blog on your WordPress website.

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In this blog, I have tried to explain to you very easily how to use the Table of the Content plugin on your blogging website. However, before telling you how to use this plugin, I would like to tell you why you should use this table of contents plugin on your blogging site.

Why use the table of content on your blogging site?

The main reason for using off-table content is to break down your blogs or articles. The main purpose of content breakdown is to increase the attraction of the readers, the purpose of the table of contents is to make the contents user-friendly, and its also a matter of search engine optimaozetion

Suppose a reader of your blog or content is reading your blog, then the reader wants to read a particular step, in that case, if your content or blog has a table of contents active, he will reach that particular step with the help of that table of contents.

I don’t want to discuss anything more. When you use the table of contents on your WordPress website, you will understand for yourself the value or necessity of this table of content.

How to use the table of content on your website

Friends, to use Table of The Contents on the WordPress website you need to use a plugin called (EASY Table of Content). Below you will find a video about the steps you need to take to install, activate, and set up this plugin.

I have given the following video for your convenience. So please watch the full video and learn all the step-by-step setups.


The video above has been embedded from our YouTube channel.

The steps shown in this blog and the plugin used are entirely based on our own experience. No plugin affiliate business was done here. This plugin has been used for your convenience only. We use this plugin on our site so we suggest you to use this plugin too.

If you have any complaints or suggestions about this blog feel free to let us know in the comment box below or via the contact form.

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