10 Free Backlink Generator Tools

The simplest way to increase the ranking of any type of website is to use These free backlink generator tools.

If you want your website to rank high in search engine results pages to increase organic traffic, you need to follow strategies to improve SEO. Creating backlinks is one of the essential techniques of SEO, but this strategy is not very easy to implement. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating free backlinks, it is very important to take the help of backlink builder tools.

It is very important to increase the number of links to your site, create lots of backlinks through this backlink builder. However, it should not be forgotten that according to the latest update of the search engine ranking algorithm, the quality of the links is more important than their quantity. All the links we have given below are highly updated to generate backlinks.

There are many tools that create low quality online backlinks to achieve top rankings. Now, however, this strategy no longer works for websites because low-quality backlinks fall from SERP to rendering and even to Didexing.
You should refrain from taking the help of obsolete tools or generating backlinks by these tools.

It is important to keep in mind that backlinks to a page from high backlink generator tools are more significant than links from low backlink generator tools. Search engines notice that users provide the best results for the queries they enter.

With the help of backlinks, search engines evaluate the credibility of a site and provide it with a position after considering other measures. It is also essential that the site providing the link to you must be related to your niche. The links we provide are all updated for the reason that whenever you paste your URL on their site to generate backlinks, they will instantly generate backlinks according to the niche of your URL.

There is a lot to discuss, but if I discuss everything in one blog, what will I do in another blog? Hahaha!, I don’t want to waste your time discussing everything on the same blog. Can be discussed in any other article, please stay tuned. Let’s go straight to our main topic. Below are 10 backlink generator tools mentioned one by one. You can now easily generate backlinks for your site.

Free Backlink Generator Tools

There are many ways to create free backlinks but they require time, effort, and investment of money. However, these auto backlink generator tools are an effective way to create links that can be completed in seconds. All you have to do is paste the URL of your site in each tool and wait a few seconds, then the backlink of your site or URL will be generated automatically.


CleverStat.com, go to this site, type the domain name of your site, and click the submit button. If you wait a few seconds after clicking the submit button, your site will be linked to 287 different sites. This means that from now on you will get 287 backlinks in just a few seconds.


Duplichecker.com, just paste any of your URLs here and click on (make backlinks). After waiting a few seconds, 31 backlinks will be automatically generated for your URL on different sites.

3.Small Seo Tools

smallseotools.com, here you will only paste your URL, remember that your URL should not contain (https), just paste your URL with (Http) and wait a while. Automatic 91 backlinks will be created for your URL.


Prepostseo.com, just paste your URL and wait a few seconds to create a backlink here. Automatically 51 backlinks will be created for your site. Please see the image below for an example of how to do this.

10 Free Backlink Generator Tools
10 Free Backlink Generator Tools


backlinkr.net, here you can create 2500+ high-quality backlinks and 100 premium backlinks for free.

To create a backlink, paste your URL with (Http), remember (https) does not allow here. When you have pasted the URL, see below the option to fill the captcha will come, that is, after checking your humanity, either of the two options to survive and submit. After waiting for some time, automatic backlinks will be generated for your site. Follow the image below to understand better.

10 Free Backlink Generator Tools
10 Free Backlink Generator Tools

6.Search engine reports

searchenginereports.net, paste and submit any URL of your site here. Wait a few seconds after submitting it. Automatic 90 backlinks will be created for your site.


w3era.com, where you just type your domain name, no need to give https or www. After typing the domain name, click on the submit button will create 55 backlinks for your site.


linklifting.com, this site is a little different type. As different as the site is, so is its work. Here backlinks are generated depending on the keyword. You need to add 3 different keywords here and after adding, you will get backlinks for that keyword. Take a good look at the pictures below for how to do it.

Do the same for your site as shown in the example in the image above, for example, with your URL and targeted keywords (choose keywords) and click on the option. Clicking will take you to a page like the one below.

Here you have to add a keyword every time. Remember, you don’t have to give 3 keywords at once. Add once with a keyboard. Do this 3 times. If you have good luck, you can also add 10 more keywords.


xwebtools.com, just paste your URL here (Http), not (https). After pasting the URL (Make Backlinks) click on the option and wait a few seconds, 100+ backlinks will be automatically generated for your site.


burgeonsoftware.net, just type your domain name here and click the submit option, no more. Wait a few seconds after clicking on the submit option, 55 backlinks will be generated for your site automatically.


We have generated backlinks to all the links provided in this article and then shared them. I hope you will benefit. If you have any comments on this article, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments box below.

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