Free Backlink Website List | 15 High Authority Site

This blog is a free backlink website list, With the help of which you can do high authority link building for your site very easily.

I hope that the information that I am going to give in this blog will be very useful for you. Because the free backlink website list that I am going to share with you in this blog is completely spamming free, high authority, genuine, Google user friendly, and trusted websites.

Also if you can’t afford to have your site’s SEO done by a company or freelancer, So with the help of this free backlink website list, if you generate backlinks for your site or posts, you don’t have to hire any other freelancer or any SEO company to make your site off-page SEO work. I can tell you this with the utmost confidence.

Because I have created the information about this free backlink website list according to the weekly report of my SEO company. My SEO company works based on the whole (White Hat SEO).

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Free Backlink Website List

The list of free backlink websites is divided into 4 steps – 1. Image sharing 2. Authority sites backlinks 3. Profile creation 4. Blog promotion. Also, for your convenience, I’m adding a general idea about the domain authority, page authority, and each site with each address, you just go to the site and feel free to generate backlinks.

Image Sharing

Generate Free Backlinks for Your Website with Image Sharing List. I have found 3 website addresses for you in this list. Each of the websites on this list is an image hosting site. You should create your profile on these websites. After creating a profile, if you share your blog image or blog related image (including the link to the blog or site) on each site, these generate backlinks for your site.

  • Present Domain Authority – 92 and Page Authority -82
  • Present Domain Authority – 90 and Page Authority – 87
  • Present Domain Authority – 92 and Page Authority – 43

Authority Sites Backlinks

In the list mentioned in this section, you need to generate backlinks in different ways for each website. That’s why I have mentioned with each website address how you will generate backlinks to that site.

  • is a movie hosting website. After creating a profile, you can share the movie link of your choice here, and if you have a short video, you can also upload it. When uploading a movie or video, adding a link to any of your websites while writing its description will generate backlinks for that link.
  • Present Domain Authority 80 and Page Authority 61
  • is an e-business platform that integrates the core elements of the network and marketplace will help you grow your business. Here you can sell any of your products or update information. You can also share Like- Facebook. You can generate backlinks by sharing product information. Special Note: After creating the profile here, you will see when sharing product information, whether this website is available in your area. Because this website is not currently available in all areas. Present Domain Authority 51 and Page Authority 51
  • This is an educational blogging website. Here you can generate backlinks through single project creation. Present Domain Authority 63 and Page Authority 57
  • This is an e-commerce website, if you are a developer, for example, hosting, WordPress, app, gaming, etc. This website is very useful for you. Here you will find all kinds of software that are essential for your development work. Once you submit a review of any product here, backlinks will be generated for your site or link. Present Domain Authority 50 and Page Authority 54
Free Backlink Website List | 15 High Authority Site
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Profile Creation

In the websites mentioned in the profile creation section, only if you create a profile with a link to your website, high authority backlinks will be generated for your site. On the sites mentioned below, you will find the option to add your website link at the time of profile creation. Only add a website link there. If you use any way other than profile creation, you may fall under spamming, so don’t do anything other than profile creation.

  • Present Domain Authority – 54 and Page Authority -44
  • Present Domain Authority – 48 and Page Authority -41
  • Present Domain Authority – 89 and Page Authority -69

Blog Promotion

In the Blog Promotion section, you can generate free high authority backlinks for every link you share by simply sharing the link to each website on the website that I have listed. First of all, here you need to create a profile with your email address.

  • Present Domain Authority – 91 and Page Authority -70
  • Present Domain Authority – 86 and Page Authority -41
  • Present Domain Authority – 89 and Page Authority – 51, (It’s premium)
  • Present Domain Authority – 93 and Page Authority -42
  • Present Domain Authority – 78 and Page Authority 35

I would like to say one thing to every reader friend that you are generating backlinks as per the suggestion of my blog, of course, you are requested to work with some patience. You will generate backlinks as per my suggestion and your site will not improve immediately. It is a matter of time. To get anything good you need to be hardworking, patient, honest, and intelligent. You can visit this motivational blog to increase your patience.

This blog is part of an SEO. Proper SEO is very important for a blogger. If you can do the right thing with hard work and patience, your success will surely come.


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