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High Authority Free Backlinks Sites List, if you add any link of your website to these lists, the linked page will rank very quickly.

I gave a list of some free backlink provider sites in the previous article, that list only discussed the process of creating backlinks through profile creation and those sites in detail. You may be wondering why I am discussing the previous article in this article? In answer to this, I would say, you read the article with a little patience, I am explaining all the issues step by step.

Everyone has a general idea about SEO or not. If not, it doesn’t matter. But one thing everyone knows is that it is impossible to rank any page or post of your site without proper SEO. The previous article and this article are part of that SEO. As in the previous article, we discussed how to create a backlink by creating a profile and gave the addresses of 20 free backlink provider sites.

I will give more information in this article too, but this article is not about profile creation. In this article, You will be able to generate Authority site backlinks on this free backlinks sites list.

You can do search engine optimization (SEO) of any site, any page or post, create profiles for your site as suggested in the previous article. And read this article well and create backlinks in the Free Backlinks Sites List given below. And stay with us by subscribing, The SEO-related articles will be published regularly for your site’s ranking.

Free Backlink Sites List

The domain authority and page authority of the sites mentioned in the free backlinks sites list below are very high. I have Mentioned the current domain and page authority of each site, for your convenience.

Watch the video before going to the sites to know how you will generate backlinks to each site.

1.Ko-fi is primarily a blogging website, where you can generate backlinks by publishing the URL of your blog, embedding any video, and earning a commission by publishing direct blogs.

  • D/A – 71
  • P/A – 40

2.Press Release Post is a news blogging website. If you join here as a member and write an article of at least 300 words and publish it with a link, you will get a high authority backlink from here. Remember to include only one link to any post, not more than one link in a post.

  • D/A – 33
  • P/A – 41

3.Clipix is a file hosting website, such as Doc, Xls, pdf, ppt, image, voice, video, you can also upload any of your online tools, any software, mobile app, etc., and add your links with those uploads. , You can also get one backlink with each upload from here.

  • D/A – 46
  • P/A – 32

4.Bibliocrunch is a blogging website. Here you can publish your blog or article. From here you can get backlinks as well as a lot of visits with every publication. However, the free plan is not effective for visitors.

  • D/A – 51
  • P/A – 37

5.Truxgo is a social website. Here you can upload all kinds of content, such as blog sharing, YouTube video embedding, detect writing, etc. You can also generate backlinks for any of your content from here with each publication.

  • D/A – 40
  • P/A – 37

6.Oyaaa is a blogging related social sharing website. Here you can share all your posts like, Facebook and also write articles. You can also generate backlinks from here if you write an article and publish it with the link.

  • D/A – 23
  • P/A – 30

7.Eternagame is a gaming website. Here you can get involved with different types of gaming. All of these types of people have account connections here, as there are many types of gaming opportunities here. So here you can create backlinks for your site by messaging or commenting with different communities from Connect

  • D/A – 48
  • P/A – 24

8.Dreamwidth is a news publication and journalism organization website. You can join this organization by creating an account here. You can generate (org) backlinks from here, through article publication.

  • D/A – 83
  • P/A – 52

9.Domestika is primarily an e-commerce website. There are also all kinds of online activities, such as learning, teaching, working like freelancing, community, etc. Here you can generate (org) backlinks from here through any sharing or publication.

  • D/A – 77
  • P/A – 49

10.Dribbble is an ideal website for any kind of designer. If you are a freelance designer then this website is for you. You can also generate a high authority backlink for any site with just a profile creation

  • D/A – 92
  • P/A – 82

The domain and page authority of the addresses given above are the same as the day the article was published. Depending on the use of domain owners, the authority of those domains may be high or low.


This free backlinks sites list given depending on the weekly SEO report on our website, the report we get weekly from our SEO company. The website addresses given in the article are all genuine, you will benefit a lot if you can use a little personal trick in them.

Let us know in the comments box or contact form if you have any complaints or suggestions about this article.

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