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Everyone wants to do email marketing. But not everyone knows how to do free email marketing. My method, if you know, you will laugh at yourself.

An easy and free way to do email marketing. It may not come to anyone’s mind. I don’t know how many free tools or plugins I use for email marketing. But, nothing is working. No one is reading your emails, and if any person doesn’t read them, your website won’t get traffic.

The first thing to think about is why people are not reading the emails you send?. Because maybe the people you’re sending emails to don’t need them your email or blog. This is the case with free tools or free email generators. In my experience, you won’t get exactly the email you need in email generating tools or plugins. At least for free. In the case of paid tools can be obsolete.

What is email marketing, how to increase the traffic to your site if you do email marketing, why do email marketing, what are the profit-loss, I hope everyone knows, I am not going to details. My main point is, how to do free genuine email marketing. There are only 2 small steps to take for free email marketing.

You need to create a Personal Email account (not a Gmail account)

Second, you need to find the original email address (Both email / Gmail will be accepted)

I am explaining the above two issues to you one by one. You just read carefully and try to understand better. Please don’t miss anywhere.

How To Create Personal Email Account For Free Email Marketing?

Before you know how to create a personal email account, I want to clear you one thing. Why you should create a personal email account.

Why create a personal email?

When you mail to a customer from your Gmail account, you have a limited Gmail. That limit is 100 if too much. There are various compulsions in those 100. I am not extending that discussion here. In general, you can not send more than 100 emails By Your Gmail Account.

So you think, what will you do when you have to send 2000/3000 emails together / at once. What if you rely on Gmail? Of course, you don’t have to rely on Gmail. You must create an email account.

You need to create it in the C-panel of the hosting that your website is hosted with. And when you create an email account in your C-panel, it will work with your website server. That means that server is yours. And this is why the email account is your personal.

How to create an email account in C-panel?

To create an email account, you need to login into your C-panel, everyone knows how to login to C-panel. For those who don’t know, let me know once.

You just type in your browser,

When you enter it, you will see a login option. Now you log in with your username and password. If you do not understand my words, please see the picture below.

Free Email Marketing

When you are logged in to your C-panel. Now you type email in the search box of your C-panel. As soon as you type the email, you will see an option called Email Accounts. Now click on that option.

After clicking on Email Accounts, you will be taken to the Email Create page. And from there you can create a new email account.

After clicking on the Create option, select the name of your email, select the one you want, create a password, and then click on the Final Create option to create your email account.

Do exactly the way I saw you in the picture. One thing to keep in mind in case of name selection is always selected by default, in case of name selection, you can select something like help, support, admin, contact, etc. You can select a name, And lastly, if you click on the Create option, your email account will be created. Now go to the check email option to open your email.

After clicking on the check email option, you will see an option. Like the picture below. You just click on the RoundCube option there. The RoundCube option is the easiest and user friendly. Others have different types of problems. In my opinion.

Click on the Roundcube option to see your email account. And from here you can manage your email. You can send unlimited emails together from here. Surely everyone knows how to send multiple emails. If you don’t know, let me know by commenting. I will definitely be obliged to help you.

How To Generate Email/Gmail Addresses For Free Email Marketing?

The process I am showing you, from which you will generate your intended email address is absolutely free and your site will generate 100% traffic. Because every email address is original and active and manages and every email address is visited by their admin regularly.

To generate a free email address you need to go to the comments section of your own website. When you run a website, there will always be comments on your site or blog. And from these comments, you have to generate your original email / Gmail address.

The reason Gmail / Email addresses are said to be original is that everyone who has commented on your post there is a blogger, or has commented on your blog for a variety of reasons. Everyone has an active Gmail / email account, that’s why they were able to comment on your site. So collect as many comments as you can on your site.

To get more comments, you can go to your niche related site and comment. This will also generate backlinks to your site and comments will come to your site. Now let’s see how to generate Gmail / email from comments.

How to generate email / Gmail from comments to do free email marketing.

To generate email / Gmail from comments, you need to go to the comments section of your admin panel and copy all the comments on your site, that is, all the comment pages. Like the picture below.

Free Email Marketing
Make a complete copy of the comment page.

When all your pages have been copied, you will open a new tab on your computer and type in Email Extractor Lite 1.0.

After opening the Email Extractor Lite 1.0 page, you will see a box on the page. There you paste the copied comments of your comment section in that box.

When you extract an email, you must follow the text in the circle. That is the separator option. Select the obsolete comma in that septae option. Copy/paste whatever you want, copy/paste as long as the page. Select the comma in the separator option.

When all the above-mentioned setup is done, now you click on the extract option. As soon as you click on the extract option, all the email / Gmail accounts will appear in front of you. And these are your free email marketing, email addresses.

Now you can copy these email / Gmail addresses and put them on your desktop. You can send your content to this email / Gmail address whenever you like. These are all original and active email addresses.

Conclusion of Free Email Marketing Articles.

I hope you understand all the processes of free email marketing, such as creating an email account, generating an email address, etc. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about this. I will be obliged to answer your question as much as possible.

If this article is wrong somewhere or if I misinterpret it somewhere or if there is a place where you do not understand, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments. I look forward to your comments. Thank you………………Biplob Haldar.

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