Free URL Submission to Different Search Engines

Free URL Submission to Different Search Engines

Free Url Submission on Various Websites and Search Engines, for Better Ranking and Increase Traffic.

We submit our website URLs to various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc., and get good results from them. But these good results are not for everyone. Because for those whose website is new, it becomes extremely difficult.

There are billions of URLs submitted to these major search engines, and URLs continue to be submitted. In that case, it is very difficult to find new URLs in these search engines. Major search engines always prioritize reputable URLs or websites. In this case, the new website or URL is below. Ranking or traffic to the new site does not increase anything.

Despite working hard day after day, none of the desired traffic and rankings increase. Due to which many people lose patience. But you will not lose patience boss! In order to have success in life, it is essential to have a little different technique, patience, honesty, courage, hard work, willpower.

If your website is new then you must submit the URL of your site to various search engines. You may be submitting the URL of your site to the major search engines. But you are not getting any good results. That’s normal! As I said before, the major search engines give priority to reputed URLs.

Now, where do you get the reputation for your site?

To build a good reputation for your site, try submitting your site URL to as many social media platforms as there are like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, quora, medium, mix, etc.

Create lots of backlinks, backlinks from guest posts are the most valuable for a good reputation. Commenting backlinks and effective enough to create a good reputation. Email marketing is also a good way.

I said earlier to use a slightly different technique. That is a different technique. Major search engines do not give priority to your new site. If you submit your site URL to a major search engine in a roundabout way, your URLs are given some extra priority. Submit your site or URLs to various free URL submission tools or websites. Different URL submission tools or websites give first priority to your site or URL. There are good reasons to prioritize your site. I will discuss those reasons in another article. But those reasons are not bad intentions.

Now, since your site is new, if you submit your URL to different URL submission tools or websites, why would the major search engines give priority to your site or URLs.

In this case, I would like to say that the different URL submission tools or the website to which you submit your URL, the tools or website has its own reputation. With the good reputation of those free URL submission tools or websites, they try to send or force your new URLs to major search engines. Again, since their reputation is good, your site also slowly starts to be trusted by major search engines. And the more you can increase this loyalty, the more you will increase the ranking for your site.

Free URL submission to Different search engines
Free URL submission to Different search engines

Below are the addresses of some free URL submission tools/websites. Which are highly trusted in major search engines like Google. (Approx Domain Authority 50-60) in which you can increase the loyalty of your site by submitting your URL. However, I would like to inform you in advance that if you submit your URL here, the ranking of your site will not increase immediately. You have to wait for this. You can submit your URL in the free URL submission tools below and wait a while.

Remember that only loyalty in your life can lead you to success. And gaining this loyalty is not an easy task. The biggest thing is that to gain this trust, you need to become credible not only in your area or country but all over the world. You have to work hard for it. I mentioned only one way, to gain credibility in any major search engine. There are thousands of ways. My sincere request to you is that you please stay updated with us by subscribing to our site. We hope you will benefit a lot.

Free Url Submission Tools/Website

I would like to inform you about the 5 free URL submission tools/websites below. As I said before, every tool/website is highly trusted in major search engines like Google. You can feel free to submit your URL here. The video below shows you in detail how to submit your URL to these tools/websites. It will be easier for you to understand if you watch the whole video with a little patience.

Below is the current domain authority of the URL submission tools/websites. This domain authority can sometimes be up-and-down. It all depends on the use of that domain authority.

Url Submission ToolsDomain AuthorityPage Authoriti 49 66 52 66 55 54 51 58 47 38


Feel free to submit your URL in the links I have shared for you in this article. Every site is trusted enough in various major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia. I created this article for you after submitting my website URL in these. I made the video above as proof that I submitted my website to these sites. So you can definitely believe it.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this article, feel free to let us know in the comments box below or in our contact form. You are also welcome to provide any additional information about this article.

I said earlier about guest posting backlinks. You are also welcome if you want to generate a backlink for your site from our site through guest posts. We will currently publish your guest posts for free.

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