How To Add Guest Post Featured in Simple Way

If you are a blogger then you must add a guest post feature to your website. The full details of why and how to do it are given in this article.

I am still standing today after a lot of ups and downs. I have seen a lot and learned a lot in my blogging life. I have wasted a lot, I don’t have to say what I have wasted.

How wasted? He has many stories. For example, copying exactly what someone else has done, getting a ranking by spending money, means that I have spent what I have been given wisely. Just to establish me. The point is, nothing works.

In anger, sadness, I left everything for a while and sat quietly. Then I made a decision from myself that I will do whatever I want, I will do it patiently, and whatever I do I will do it in its original form. Do you think anyone is listening to so many stories?

I said so much because you have to be patient and do everything original. I hope you will succeed. Now maybe people are giving me so much knowledge? I am giving knowledge because if you want to do anything in an honest way, you have to give time and endure a lot of hardships and stay connected with every link. At least in the case of blogging. And one of those stays is being a guest post.

Why do guest posts? Or why put a guest post feature on your blogging website?

For those who don’t know, it’s a matter of thought. That said, in simple language, ‘must be covered’, means it must be connected with the above. Like you added a guest post feature to your website, and others came and posted it.

Others have added a guest post feature to their website and you have posted on it. (Although most of the guest posts give a short story, the link gives more.) This is how linking is done.

Let me put it in one more simple language. When you are posting a guest but you are putting some link there and the other side is doing the same thing. It is made up of different types of backlinks and simple language (exchange). And I don’t have to re-tell you what backlinks do, you know.

So I am telling everyone to do the guest post. That is your benefit. Looking at this article of mine or not for what I am saying, for your good, or for the good of others?

You can also post guests on my website. I will not wait for your approval. Post directly. I have two sites, one related to health and one related to this blog. You can post automatic approval anywhere.

If you want to make a blog post.……….. Post here.

Now how to add guest post feature to your website?

It’s very simple, you just follow my steps carefully. And the pictures will match you. Then don’t get in trouble anywhere. And you can also follow the steps in the video below. However, the video is in Bengali. Yet I hope you will not have difficulty understanding.


You just login your WordPress admin panel……like…..(

After login your admin panel….you just go to your plugin section and click your add new plugin box…And search for the plugin.


How To Add Guest Post Featured for Getting The Best Traffic in Your Blogging Website 2020
How To Add Guest Post Featured for Getting The Best Traffic in Your Blogging Website 2020

Install the marked plugin and active it…


After activating the plugin, just go to the plugin settings…and here first setup your general setting…

Now Click Save all Changes…….

Now you just go to settings…

Now Go To Capcha settings

Do Nothing Here….save all changes

Now you just go How to use…here scroll down your page and see the html

Copy That And prepare for step 3


Step 3 is very simple…Create a page exactly the way you created a page and give the content of that page you copied the HTML code. The diameter of your guest post upload page.

This Article Written By………BIPLOB HALDER

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