How To Fix content readability Problem For google rank No1

How do you fix this content readability when writing a blog? There was an easy solution.

I noticed one thing. Many new bloggers write their blogs, but the content in their blogs is a bit like scribbles. Their content is not organized. It is difficult to read their contents. As a blogger, I find it difficult to read such blogs. So, what kind of blog would the general public feel to read?

Even if ordinary people come to read this kind of blog, they will go to the other side in a moment. Those who make that kind of mistake in new blogging, their blog will not last long. And everyone knows that blogs that don’t get people to come and rank don’t get ranked.

Google needs hard work, concentration, honesty, and creativity to rank well. And if you meditate on these, no one will be able to stop you from earning from your ranking and ranking. If you think that if you copy someone’s blog and arrange it as you like or post 100% unique in Pluralism Checker and earn a quick rank, then you will not have any. Do what you do yourself.

Writing a blog takes a lot of hard work. Arranging the blog, creating its content, writing, adding videos, adding pictures, how much more. And if you do these properly then your blog will rank. Even if you write one article a week, your article will rank. Make the original content neat and tidy, victory is inevitable for you.

There are four main steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for blogging. Only then will your blog rank. The four steps are …..

  • Basic SEO
  • Additional
  • Title Readability
  • Content Readability

Each of them has its own requirements. Let me give you a general idea of them, then we will discuss the main topic of content readability.

The first idea, Basic SEO. This basic SEO has a total of six requirements. Which you need to fill in step by step while writing your blog. Just let you know the steps of this basic SEO.

  1. Use Focus Keyword
  2. The Focus keyword Should Use Meta Description
  3. The Focus keyword Should Use URL.
  4. The Focus keyword Should Use Beginning of Content
  5. The Focus keyword Should Use Content.
  6. Content Should Minimum 600 words.

Additional has a total of 8 requirements. Which you need to fill in step by step while writing your blog. Just let you know the steps of this Additional.

  1. Focus Keyword Should Use Subheading.
  2. Focus Keyword Should Use Image ALT TEXT
  3. Focus Keyword should Use 1% Combination
  4. Url Must Be Use 75 CHARACTERS
  5. Must be Use External Resources
  6. Must be Use DoFollow Link
  7. Must Use a Minimum 1 Internal link
  8. Focus Keyword Must USE The Content

Title Readability has a total of 4 requirements. Which you need to fill in step by step while writing your blog. Just let you know the steps of this Title Readability

  1. Focus Keyword Must Use Beginning Of Title
  2. Title Should Be 1 Positive Or Negative Word
  3. Title Must Use 1 Power Word
  4. Must Use 1 Number In Title

Now let’s come to our main topic content readability

There are three things you need to keep in mind when it comes to content readability. Those three are. ……

  1. You need to write short paragraphs. If too much, 350 words.
  2. You need to use pictures or videos Link, with alt text(Image)
  3. Another thing you need to use is table content.

Since our main topic is content readability, you can use short paragraphs and video links, as well as alt text with images. So the main thought is how to use table content. Yes! table content is a little difficult to use, for those who don’t know. Here’s an easy way. You will definitely try.

How to use table content?

Before you know how to use it, find out why you should use table content.

The main reason for using table content is that when you publish a blog, then when the public reads your blog, they can read your blog step by step. The main function of the table content is to break down your blog.

For example, if your blog has four headings, break those four headings and put them on the table. Again, if those four headings have four more subheadings, they will be broken down. In general, your headings, subheadings, paragraphs, will keep these separate.

If you do not understand this paragraph of mine, you can watch my video below. How is the table content?

The easiest way to use table content is to log in to your admin panel, go to the plugins section, and add an ad plugin. Now look at the search box on the right side of your screen, type there Easy Table of Contents, or (You Can also Click Here) Table of Contents plugin. It’s Rank Math Plugin Requermended. otherwise, you can see the image, Your wish…

How To Fix content readability Problem For google rank No1
How To Fix content readability Problem For google rank No1

After installing and activating the Easy Table of Content, you will go back to the dashboard of your admin panel. And go there click the installed plugin again. Go there and you will see, Easy table of content, settings options. Click there.

After clicking on Settings you will need to make some changes to the page that will take you there. I have given 6 pictures below so that you can easily understand. You can easily make settings by looking at these.

No more work after saving these settings. Now you relax. The table content plugin will work on its own. You no longer have a problem with table content.

I hope I have explained it to you. If there is any mistake in this article or if I find something that I could not explain to you, do not hesitate to let me know. In the comment box, you can also tell me what kind of article you expect later. I will try my best. Thanks……………………….

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