How To Fix Open Graph Meta Problem In Rank Math SEO#1

Who has open-graph-meta errors in Rank Math plugin on the WordPress website? Please read carefully.

Hello Everyone, I’m Biplob Halder, Admin Of This Website. As a blogger, I would like to inform you that if you are a blogger or running a website, then you need to keep the open graph meta options completely correct. Because open graph meta causes some eye-catching changes to your social sites. How is that? Let’s find out the details.

What is open graph meta?

If you use Rank Math SEO then you will understand this thing very easily. Towards the end of an article when you complete it, your open graph meta is set as soon as you make a small setting before publishing.

Well, before we get into all the details, let’s take a look at how you know if you have an open graph meta-problem. That’s why you need to look at the picture below. I think you don’t pay attention to this small setting. But these small settings are very powerful for ranking your website.

How To Fix Open Graph Meta Problem In Rank Math SEO#1
How To Fix Open Graph Meta Problem In Rank Math SEO#1

Now the question is how to understand if there is such a problem on your site. To view it, if your website has Rank Math SEO and Plugin, then hold the mouse over Rank Math Plugin. Then you will see SEO and Analysis, click on it.

Now, look at the bottom of the page that will open Open Graph Meta. You can see the picture that I gave first. And if there is a tick mark, then you have to understand that the open graph meta of all your pages or posts is correct. And if this open graph meta has a cross mark, then you must understand that you have an open graph meta-problem. You need to solve the problems.

If you have this problem, you need to know why and how to solve it before you know how to solve it.

Why do open graph meta problem solution?

One thing you may not know is if you have noticed for so long. When you publish an article on your website, you share the link on your social site. Or still doing. But did you notice? Only the link has been shared on any of your post social sites. Nothing else is happening to him. No featured image with such a link but not being shared.

Not having any shares? Only open graph meta so you did not set. I am giving you an example with two pictures (one does not set open graph meta and one sets open graph meta). Then I’m going, how to set open graph meta.

See the picture I gave above, I was sharing a Facebook page without setting open graph meta. But there has been no change. Only the link is showing. What happened, it seems that a view will come to your page? Not happening?

See when I set the open graph meta my link is showing on my Facebook page with my picture. Then an attractive look came on my Facebook page. (Applies to all social sites, not just Facebook), this time anyone who sees my post will click on it, and go directly to my website. And this way you can generate organic traffic to your website. This is the essence of Open Graph Meta.

How to solve open graph meta problem?

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I don’t know if there is any plugin to solve the open graph meta-problem. As far as I know, you need to solve this problem manually. The posts you have made for it can be in the case of an article or a page. All you have to do is go to the edit option.

By going to the Edit option, you will go directly to the Rank Math SEO option. Which is given at the top right of your screen.

Now you will see the option that will come in front of you a little below that option. The name of the option is Edit Snippet. You click on this edit snippet. After clicking on Edit Snippet, a page will open in front of you. The main work is here, look a little closer.

The main thing you have to do is there is an option called Social. After going there you have to do, you have to fill in the marks that I have made in the picture below in every post or page of yours…

As I have marked since coming here. First, you will add pictures for your social site. And if you have an automatic picture in that option, then you don’t have to do anything else. If it does not come, then you have to add the picture.

Second, you need to set a title, for the social site. You can also give the title that you gave in your article here, or give what you think is comfortable. Your wish But there are some similarities with your permalink.

The same goes for descriptions, as you did in the previous (title) section.

Take these setups with a little effort and time. I hope you will benefit a lot. Especially in the case of traffic. And don’t forget how I liked my article. Let me know if you have any benefits and don’t hesitate to let me know if I have any mistakes or if you have any problems. Thank you very much…..

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