How To Fix Title Readability Problem For Google Rank No1

Title readability is the biggest problem for new bloggers. They give with any title, but do not think whether their title is suitable for people to read or whether their title is attractive.

How to fix title readability Before you know what title readability is.

A good focus keyword, a sentiment, a strong word, a number, all these make a title. And if these are correct, SEO friendly titles are created. And this is called title readability.

When you write the title of an article, try to make it as meaningful, powerful, SEO friendly as possible. That is called title readability. The rank of an article depends on its title. People will come to your post only if you can write the title of your article well.

No matter how good you are at the content of your article, if you do not write the title correctly, you will not rank. Because people are attracted to the title of your article and come to read your article.

There is a proverb,(First visitation then meritocracy)The content readability of your article must be fixed. But before that, we need to fix the title readability. The title of your content should be written in such a way that someone reads it and is forced to read your article or blog.

You need to write the title of your article in such a way that the title is meaningful, attractive, googled, grammar is perfect, the title is very easy to read. In general, the readability of your title should be perfect.

If you want to write an SEO friendly title, you have to focus on title readability. So what do you need to pay attention to when fixing title readability?

What you need to know to fix title readability

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There are four main things you need to consider in order to fix title readability.

  1. Make sure the focus keyword of your title is at the beginning of the title. Within the first 10% of the title.
  2. Your title should be a positive or negative word.
  3. The title of your article has such a strong/Power word.
  4. The title of your article should have any number.
How To Fix Title Readability Problem For Google Rank No1
How To Fix Title Readability Problem For Google Rank No1

Now let know the details of the above four rules.

About focus keywords

When you write a title, you always focus on the keyword. But what exactly are you using focus keywords? The right rule of focus keywords is, when you type a focus keyword, try to make it a little longer….(Long Tell Keyword)

When you write the focus keyword, it should be powerful.

It is very good if you can keep it negative or positive.

The focus keyword should be in the first 10% of the title.

Keep these little things in mind when it comes to diameter focus keywords, no one can stop your ranking.

Title readability requires positive and negative statements

You need a positive or a negative word to make your title SEO friendly. Because positive and negative words attract more people. Air people will click on a title whenever they see it as positive or negative. How are the positive and negative words?

For example……The accident is a negative word, Help is a positive word. Again The problem is a negative word, The solution is a positive word. There are some types of words that you need to find yourself. According to the base of your article.

Strong/Power word

The same goes for Strong or Power words. Just like I said in the case of negative and positive. There are some similarities between the negative and the positive. For example, Accident, Help, Problem, Solution, these are also applicable to Power Word as well as Positive and Negative Word. But not in all cases. Totally depends on the base of your article.

Why number in case of title readability and what is its function?

If you want to make a proper SEO friendly title then you have to write a number in the title. It can be anywhere in the title of your writing. Most people put a number in the title, maybe a year, a date, or their article number.

Because putting a number in the title is very convenient to find your article in search engines. Especially for search engine optimization, you have to give a number in the title of your article. Below I am giving some titles. This is exactly the number in the case of the title.

See, the titles I have given above have numbers in one way or another. This is exactly what an SEO friendly title would look like.

I hope I have explained to you about Title Readability. Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment box if I have any errors or misunderstandings.

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