How to Increase Website Traffic Free (8 Different Tricks)

How to Increase Website Traffic Free, In this regard, 8 different special tricks, which will definitely increase the ranking of your site.

Everyone wants their website traffic to increase on a freeway. But for various reasons it is not possible, although the traffic comes for a short time, then decreases again. For those who have a lot of old sites or those whose site rankings are good enough, the automatic traffic starts to increase once any page starts ranking. But for those who are publishing articles that are new or have been around for a long time but the traffic is not coming, I want to tell you some different tricks here, with the help of which you can increase the traffic to your site for free if you want.

But I have a special request to everyone, you should never rush to increase traffic or increase ranking, many people exchange traffic on different sites to increase traffic quickly, it is very bad, remember that the more you rush, the more problems you will have. You should not try to exchange traffic. This causes your site to lose credibility. The tricks I am going to tell you are each a little different. If you apply these tricks, your site traffic will increase. Just remember, if you want to take anything for free, you have to work hard. Hard work and patience can lead you to the pinnacle of success.

The tricks I am telling you below, once you learn to apply them, you don’t have to think about them a second time, you can apply them automatically.

How to Increase Website Traffic Free, using the following methods

I would like to say to every blogger that the methods given below are of a slightly different type, again I remind you that by applying this method you will not get fast traffic to your site, but if you apply this method you will get a long time benefit as soon as you apply these methods. You will understand or you will understand only if you know the steps given below completely. I don’t want to waste your time with too many explanations, I will say one thing, you should know the methods carefully and then apply them.

1.Do well on-page SEO

Whenever you write an article on your site, you must do a good on-page SEO of that article. This means that when writing your article, you will write all the articles according to the requirements of the SEO plugin you use. For example, I use the Rank Math plugin when writing an article. When writing an article, this plugin gives me 21 suggestions, which I follow correctly when writing an article.

How to Increase Website Traffic Free (8 Different Tricks)
How to Increase Website Traffic Free (8 Different Tricks)
Here are 21 suggestions:
  • SEO Friendly Title (with focus keyword)
  • SEO friendly Meta Description (with focus keyword)
  • URL must contain obscure focus keywords
  • Place the focus keyword at the beginning of the content
  • Put the focus keyword in the content as well
  • The article must be at least 600 words long
  • The focus keyword should be included in the title, second heading, and third heading
  • Use alt text in any image.
  • Use a keyword in your article whose destiny is not too high and not too low. That means keeping Destiny in the middle.
  • URL should not exceed 60 characters.
  • Use minimum 1 external link
  • Do-Follow links pointing to an external link
  • Use internal link
  • Use a positive or negative statement in your title
  • Use a power word in your title
  • Use a number in your title
  • Use Table of Content
  • Use Short Paragraph
  • Use at least 1 video or photo
  • Set the focus keyword to the middle of the content
  • The title should be 60 corrector

There is more information about on-page SEO that you need to know.

2.Unique content

Whenever you write an article, make sure that the article is unique. The content of the article should be unique. This means that your article should be of a different type, even if it is a little different from the way others write articles. Make sure that the article you are writing is unique to every reader so that the readers do not come back to your site dissatisfied. The article you write should have enough mining. Never try to copyright.

3.Create content according to user needs

Whatever you write in your article should meet the needs of the reader. Don’t try to waste the readers by writing something unnecessary. If you want to give a suggestion to the readers through your article, give that suggestion directly, do not try to waste the reader’s time by taking a detour or writing additional statements. Remember that when every reader comes to your site, they come to solve any of their problems, wasting time there means losing that reader to your site for the second time. So keep in mind what kind of needs your readers have, you meet their needs by writing articles according to those requirements.

4.Proper image usage

Use one image after every 400 words. It is very important to use alt text in each image. The image that you will use should be related to that article. The image you use should not be copied from anyone. That means use the original picture. Try to use light white pictures. Set captions in each image. The featured image should not be more than 1200 pixels flat and 600 pixels in height. Remember, if you use a good image in your article, your article will look attractive. The more beautiful you can arrange your article, the more readers will be attracted to your article.

5.Doing blog or article marketing

There is no need to publish too many articles, it is enough to publish 4 articles a month, but it is very important to do enough marketing for those 4 articles. Create your website related pages on different social media for marketing. You can create your site related pages or profiles on different social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc. Put those social media links on the About page of your website. This will increase the credibility of your website. Remember that the more time you spend on marketing, the more traffic will increase on your website.

6.Creating proper backlinks.

Create enough backlinks for your site. There are two types of backlinks, do-follow and no-follow, these two types of backlinks are needed for your site. As I said before about social media, you will get no-follow backlinks from every social media, if you create different pages on different social media. And for do-follow backlinks, you have to go to various high authority sites and create by commenting or guest posting. Guest posts are the best way to get rankings the fastest. Because the value of the backlinks obtained with the help of the guest-post is the highest.

How to Increase Website Traffic Free (8 Different Tricks)
How to Increase Website Traffic Free (8 Different Tricks)

The value of commenting backlinks is also sufficient, you generate commenting backlinks from sites that have more domain authority than your site, or sites that have at least 20 domain authorities. As I said before, you will use more time in article marketing than publishing articles to increase the traffic or ranking of the site. The more backlinks you create, the more trustworthy your site will be. This will make your site grow faster.

7.Competitor analysis

Update your article by analyzing the competitor of those articles which are already in position number 11 to 30 of the site. Then you will see that your article will reach the top in a few days. It is very important to learn to do your competitor analysis. Competitor analysis can help you increase your site rank in many ways.

8.Proper inbound linking

It is very important to use the right inbound link in any of your articles. The inbound link means using the same site link in the same site article. You can use different links from the same site in one article on your site. However, the article must be related. Proper inbound link building means that if an article on your site is ranked, then give some more links to that article which are related to that article. Inbound link building can be done even if the article is not ranked, keep in mind that you can do it in the article which is getting more traffic. Moreover, every article should have inbound links.


The methods I use in our articles and websites to increase traffic, I told you those ways. We have found considerable benefits in these ways. If you have any comments or suggestions about this article, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments box below. You can also contact us here.

If you have any questions about blogging, let me tell you one more option, that is, you can go to our quora account and ask different questions. You can also work with us as a moderator/contributor to grow your site. And if you don’t want that, you can join us as a follower to enhance your blogging skills.

Thank you so much for staying with us.

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