How to Increase Website Traffic (10 Freeway)

Find out the right and easy ways how to Increase Website Traffic (every blogger should know this method)

If you manage your website in the right way, you will definitely get benefits from that website. It is not an easy task to rank any website or increase site traffic at the current level of competition. It takes a lot of patience, morale, and hard work. But even after hard work, many people do not get good ranking or good traffic for their website. Due to which many people lose both their patience and morale. In this situation, they are looking for ways to increase the traffic or ranking for their site on different sites.

With all the aspects in mind and thinking about everyone, in this article I have tried to explain in detail 10 ways if you apply these 10 ways to increase the traffic to your website, then hopefully your site traffic will increase. These are the processes I use for my site. So let me tell you. You just have to try to understand all the issues well and apply them properly. There will be benefits to your site.

Details: How to Increase Website Traffic

My sincere request to every reader is that you read all the topics carefully and try to understand. Understand all the issues thoughtfully then apply for your site. Let me tell you something, especially in all the articles I have written that, Don’t rush to increase traffic to your site, rushing may reduce your site traffic or ranking. Whatever you do, do it carefully and patiently. The results of any work in a calm head are always good. Again, understand the issues given below and then apply.

1.Share Your Blog Post on Facebook

In order to complete your blog posts on Facebook, you need to create your own Facebook page and gain enough followers on that page. It is also important to have followers related to your blog. Because if you have a follower related to the topic you are posting on the blog, the traffic will definitely come to your site. To gain followers on your Facebook page according to the topic of your blog and keep sharing every one of your blog posts on your Facebook page. You will get a good traffic source from this Facebook page to your site.

Another way you can increase traffic from Facebook is by searching different Facebook pages and joining pages according to the topic of your blog. Join at least 50 pages. When you join, you must join the pages where you can share the link to your blog. After joining different pages, when you post a new blog, share the link of the blog post on these Facebook pages. This method can also gain enough traffic for your blogging site.

There is another way, that is (Visit to Visit) means you can share your blog post on any one page and ask others to visit your post, and instead you will visit the blog posts published on the cable site. This way you can gain unlimited traffic. However, it is important to know one thing, that is, you can gain traffic according to the amount of time you can spend in this method. This method is not a long term method. Because this method is just a way to exchange traffic. We do not suggest this to you. I just told you how to gain instant traffic. If you have enough time, you can apply this method as you wish.

2.Tweet Your Blog Posts

If you have a Twitter account and if you have a fair number of followers or if you don’t have a follower then you can gain results according to the topic of your blog, and keep sharing your posts on Twitter, hopefully, you can gain enough traffic from Twitter too. I am not showing you how to gain followers according to the topic in this article, then the topic of this article may change. So please stay connected to my site, I will present to you the method of how to gain followers according to the topic on different social sites in the right way.

3.Mix Your Blog Post

Whenever you publish a new post, mix the link of your blog post on Create an account at in a very easy way and just keep adding your link. And of course, it is very important to gain followers according to your topic. This way you can also gain enough traffic for your site.

4.Share Your Blog Post On LinkedIn

There are three ways you can gain traffic from LinkedIn, first, you need to get some followers for your LinkedIn account, depending on your topic. And you also find connections according to your topic and stay connected with them. This will make your account famous day after day. You will share the link of each of your blog posts here. As long as you can, your connection will continue to grow, if you are regularly connected to LinkedIn. This way you can gain enough traffic for your site. The more connections, the more traffic to your site.

The second way is that you can send your links to each of your LinkedIn followers with the help of messaging, since each of your followers is according to the topic of your blog, so the traffic to your blog will come through messaging. Another way you can share your link is to join different groups according to your blog topic or create your own group and share your blog link by gathering followers according to your blog topic. This way you can get enough traffic to your blog.

Another way is to see in your LinkedIn account that every follower has an email or Gmail address, you can share your link to those addresses. This can also bring traffic to your site. You can also use a paid plan on LinkedIn if you can afford it. With the pay plan, you will get enough traffic just by sharing your link on the main page.

You can connect to my LinkedIn account, and share your link by joining my group. (Click Here)

5.Add Sharing Buttons to Your Site

It is important to have an obsolete sharing button on your blogging site. Don’t think that is a little sharing button! Think about how much value it can have, the thing that the wise said is that the ocean is made from point to point. Try sharing your blog with his community. In this case, if your site does not have a sharing button, then those readers will not be able to share your blog if your blog is not shared, then where will the traffic come from? If your site does not have a sharing button, then add a sharing button.

Since you are reading this article on our site, it is our duty to inform you how to add sharing buttons in an easy way. To add a sharing button you just need to add a plugin named Orbital Fox in the Add New Plugins section of your admin panel.

How to Increase Website Traffic Free (10 Freeway)
How to Increase Website Traffic

No need to worry, you can now use this plugin completely free. Just add this plugin, you don’t need to do anything else. Because this is the default setting of the plugin. So that none of their customers get in trouble.

6.Leave Meaningful Comments on Relevant Blogs

You have to find different blogging sites according to the topic of your blog and comment there. Of course, the comments you make must be meaningful. That means you have to comment according to the details of the blog in which you will comment. The best way to make a meaningful comment is to read the blog you are commenting on and then comment.

How to Increase Website Traffic Free (10 Freeway)
How to Increase Website Traffic

Let me tell you a tip just for you, it is better to be able to comment through the commentLuv+ community to gain traffic with the help of comments. Then you can generate two types of backlinks for your blog. One for your blog and the other for your main site. I am not discussing commentLuv+ in this article. I have already published an article that has a full discussion about the commentLuv+ community. Please see my previous article for details about this commentLuv+.

7.Always Respond to Comments

Whenever someone makes a comment on your site, you should reply to that comment as soon as possible. The sooner you respond, the sooner your site readers will start trusting your site. Readers or users get a lot of satisfaction when they get commenting responses very quickly. The second time they are encouraged to come back to your site and their community also tries to connect with your site.

8.Offer to Guest Blog for Other Sites

Communicate with them by going to different websites according to the topic of your website, by commenting with them or through contact pages or in any other way. Tell those website owners that you want to do guest posting on their site, and they can do guest posting on your site if they want. Posting guests post on different sites and when other guests post on your site, the community of every website is strong. The more guest posts you make for your site and the more guests post you publish on other sites, then you will grow or increase traffic to your site very first.

Permanent backlinks are generated when guests post on different sites, from which your site grows enough. However, I would like to remind you that whenever you request to publish a guest post on a site or publish a guest post, you must check that the domain authority and page authority of that website is more than 1% of your website.

9.Add an SEO Plugin

Add an SEO plugin to your website. Whenever you write a blog, with the help of this SEO plugin, you will catch all the mistakes related to the on-page SEO of your blog, so that you can correct all the issues related to the on-page SEO of your blog. Please click here for more details on the on-page SEO.

How to Increase Website Traffic Free (10 Freeway)
How to Increase Website Traffic

And one more thing you need to know, you should use an SEO plugin that gives you suggestions easily. Because there are various SEO and plugins which are very troublesome. I don’t want to discuss this topic much. You are reading this blog, this blog is 100% on-page SEO friendly. You can check it if you want. To write this SEO friendly blog I used a simple SEO plugin, plus I use this same plugin when writing all the blogs. The plugin name is Rank Math. The easiest usable plugin to date.

10.Solve a Problem

If any reader on your site asks a question through commenting, try to answer that question as soon as possible. This greatly improves the trust of your site. There is also another way to generate traffic for your site that is the Q&A policy. That way is providing by the quora question-answer policy.

Open a Quora account on the topic you are working on your website or the topic you are blogging on. Now ask different questions about your blogging topic on quora and answer different questions asked by other people according to your topic or try to solve their problem.

Of course, share the link to any of your blogs in footnote according to that question with each quora answer episode. You can gain a lot of traffic from this quora. One more thing, quora you will get no-follow backlinks to any of your links, which is very important for your site.


This blog is written entirely according to our opinion. We have not applied any other opinion here. In this way, we get traffic for our site. You can also apply these methods to your site. let us know if you have any suggestions or questions about these methods. We will try our best to solve your question or accept your suggestion. Thank you very much for being with us.

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