how to write a product review blog? (Learn the easy steps)

For those who are blogging about product reviews, but their product is not being sold or who are not reading the blog, how to write a product review blog.

In the previous article, I mentioned 10 simple blogging tips, one of which was product review. If you need to know those 10 tips, please

Here are the steps to take to how to write a product review blog. Obsessive will read carefully. Whenever you write a product review blog or any other, write an obsessive SEO friendly blog. I am not covering SEO in this article. I am only covering product reviews. Because I have already covered, how to write a 100% SEO friendly article.

I am telling you how to write a product review blog, one by one, along with reviewing a product. You will do exactly as I am reviewing. Just look at how I did it. For example, I am reviewing a mobile phone.

Everyone knows that you have to do an affiliate joint to review a product. Now you go to your affiliate account and from there you choose the product of your choice or the one you want to review. Like I’m doing.

how to write a product review blog
Suppose I review this product. (Apple iPhone 11)

When your product is selected from the affiliate, then you will come to your site and set a title. SEO friendly, and based on your selected product. like…..The best and most comfortable priced Apple phone is under 65,000(This title is shown as an example only.)

When your title is selected, you write a description. The description must be within 160 characters. For example…….. (the world’s most comfortable phone is under 65,000. Want to buy an Apple phone? Apple 11 is close at hand, buy now)

When the description of your blog is complete, start by writing a subheading in the first paragraph of your blog and then start writing the description of your product. Remember that the more descriptions you have of your product, the more people will be attracted to your product…. Just like I showed in the picture. The longer the description, the better.

When the description of the product is complete, you will use different pictures of your product with the link.

Now you have to write short discussions about the features of your product. As I wrote in some of the steps below. Use headings in each discussion when you discuss features.

how to write a product review blog
how to write a product review blog?
  • Design
  • Camera
  • Battery + Chip
  • Privacy
  • Apple TV
  • AirPods
  • Accessories
how to write a product review blog?
how to write a product review blog?

You should easily understand the way I have written this article. When you review a product, write its description well and always try to write a long description.

If you can create a YouTube video about your product, you can embed a link to that video and publish it on your blog. This will increase the video views on your YouTube and the people who will read your blog will have a better idea about your product.

Use the link of your product in every picture. Then the external link of your blog will be created and the readers will also get the direct link to the product.

Hope you are free from all kinds of doubts about product review blogs. Feel free to let me know if you have difficulty understanding or have questions somewhere. I will try my best to answer your question. If you think I have a mistake somewhere in this article or have missed to understand you somewhere, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for being with me.

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    Awesome post with great tips to write a product review blog. You have explained very nicely along with all the crucial & necessary information that are true enough to understand. You have elaborated each tips in an impressive way that are really providing good & better understanding.

    For writing a perfect product review blog having a proper knowledge and deep research of products are truly vital. After going through this complete guide i really got helpful ideas and i am sure that this post will help lot of people and readers for writing a perfect product review blog. Your post is really providing in-depth knowledge and have also boosted my knowledge upto some limit.

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