How to write 100% genuine/unique blog with the help of Google Drive

How to write a unique and genuine blog in 20/30 minutes is a very easy way. It was requested to read the article carefully.

If you want to write 100% genuine and unique articles, read them carefully. Otherwise, you can skip this article and read any other article. Your choice.

This article is specifically written for those who have just started blogging or are blogging but can’t make any improvements or who are running a news site but can’t find a good topic. I hope all of you will be fine if you look at the article carefully.

If you read this article very carefully, then you can easily know how to write an article, if it is too much, you will know it in 20/30 minutes. And that too will be 100% genuine and unique.

Before saying how to write an article, it is important to say a few words.

Are you using an automatic content generator tool? Then your hard work is going in vain.

It’s bad to think…?? but that’s the real truth..

Because Google always wants new creations to come to it every moment. For example, what you are doing will be created by you. Google always sees what you are creating from yourself. If you can create something yourself, then Google is your first choice.

Suppose you are posting a blog on your website, but you have taken that article from another website.

Then, upload it to a plagiarism tool and rewrite it, then post it on your website.then you see your content 100% unique.

But no, that’s not it. What you are thinking about is the complete opposite.

Well, you would think a little easier. Has the meaning of the post you are changing changed? Content is not there but it is the same, only the format of the previous content has changed.

So think about it, aren’t you doing exactly what you’re doing? Doing wrong And for this mistake, all your hard work will be in vain. First of all, you will not get Adsense. Second, you will be treated as a duplicator. How much more. So refrain from all this. Try something new. Hope you understand. My languages look bad but they are real.

Here’s how to write an article easily if you don’t have any content of your own.

First of all, only for those who want to run a news site and you do not have much content or those who have just started blogging or you are running a health-related website. Others can use this process as well.

There is no point in talking too much. Now maybe you can abuse me.


To write a genuine article, you first need to take pictures from a magazine, a newspaper, or a book.

You can’t take a single picture of an article, so you can’t understand where a line is written. So you absolutely have to take a picture of a serial.


Now you go to your browser and open three tabs there.

1.Google Drive
2.Google Translate
3.Your Website Admin Panel/ Add New Post
How to write 100% genuine/unique blog with the help of Google Drive
First, Here you can right-click on any empty space and leave the upload, take whatever picture you want. Hold down the controls on the keyboard, left-click the mouse and select them, there is an open option on the right side of your display, click it. Your files will be uploaded shortly. Next ——————

You will see the spellings of your language very well. Because if one of your spellings is wrong, then no meaning of that line can be understood. It will be different. So translate the spellings of the ones you want to translate 100% sure.


Now you can paste your translated texts on your page, as you please.

The post is done, now you may think that. We took this content from the newspaper, then these are not duplicate content?

I will not say. Not duplicated. Because the person who wrote this article has put it in the newspaper like him. And he sold it. The media has sold you again. You have bought, and you can do whatever you want with the things you have bought. Moreover, even if the publisher has posted on the internet, he has posted like him…

And you are doing as you please. The most important thing is that you wrote your post using Google Translate, and he wrote like that. So I will say your content was not duplicated.

Forgiveness if something goes wrong………………………….

Thanks……………………………………..BIPLOB HALDER

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