Easy mental health tips for students ages 10 to 15

Easy mental health tips for students ages 10 to 15

Find out with the help of mental health tips for students, ways to get rid of their irritable behavior, anxiety, anger, snobbery, and various bad habits.

When children are 10 to 14 years old, at this time they are arguing with their mother, suddenly getting very angry, sitting in vain, being very orthodox, not listening to anything, ignoring teachers, ignoring parents. When he sat down to read, he said, “I will not read now. I don’t feel well. ” When I forbid you to do something, you shout, “Why not?”

Students of this age do not want to hear or understand anything, they do not stop arguing with their mothers. In short, their parents are not able to handle the students of this age. On the one hand, parents are getting annoyed and realizing that their child is being made different. But you don’t understand what to do or say that children will be restrained.

This problem is not new. This type of problem starts from the age of nine to ten years, i.e. pre-teens. So parents have to control the situation with a very cold head. If you get angry and shout, there will be no solution. One has to understand the place of the problem. Then the solution will be easy.

Why do students at this age argue and get angry?

Payal Ghosh, a parenting consultant, said, “Children are brain remodeling at this time. The pre-frontal cortex controls our cognition, thinking, that is, helps in logical thinking. The development of this part is a little late. And there is the amygdala. This part is developed earlier, as a result of which the children respond to a word in a hurry. The more emotion goes on, the less logical thinking there is. Then there is no restriction on their use.

As a result, the expression becomes limitless. He gets angry, screams, and in some cases throws things away. Gradually, at the age of thirteen, fourteen years, it gradually decreases. ” But at this age, if he is not handled properly, then in the next case, the distance from the parents can be created.

Mental Health Tips for Students (Every Parent’s Should Know)

Every parent should remember that students of this age do not become intelligent. But the parents have become intelligent. So even if the children shout, they have to be ready to handle the situation with a cold head. No matter how much the child shouts, parents need to be calm. Even if the child speaks loudly, you answer in a calm voice. But they try to learn by following the behavior of parents, the behavior of neighbors, the behavior of teachers.

Easy mental health tips for students
Easy mental health tips for students

If your child does not want to study, cries unnecessarily, first ask him to stop shouting. Then slowly, calmly ask him what he wants. See if he starts reading on his own. If not, call him and ask him why he doesn’t want to read. If the boy or girl answers a question or asks the opposite question, don’t stop him.

Many parents think that their decision is final. If the child gives any opinion, he is silenced. It is important for every parent and teacher to change this attitude. Try to understand why the child is asking questions, why he is arguing. Maybe he’s not talking logically but listen to that. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. After that, if you can refute his argument with your argument, then the problem will be solved. This will also create his argument. He will understand. If you want to convey any opinion to your parents, it has to be reasonable enough.

Many parents hit their children. Some from the age of three, some from the age of five. But if that habit continues even at the age of nine or ten, it can hurt the child’s self-esteem. But then he will not listen to more. Instead, he will feel that he will be beaten. He will become more stubborn in his place. So hitting students of this age is not the solution.

Remember, at this age, he is arguing or using emotions. So that is the weapon. If the child speaks in a very bad way, do not answer. Instead, leave quietly. Stop talking to him. Explain to him that you are sorry for his use. The support of children of this age but parents. So even if they misbehave with their parents, they seek refuge there.

You will see next time, he himself may come and sit next to you, he will want to talk. Then tell him how much you have suffered from his use. You will see that your child will understand. He will remember that a mother or father can stop talking. Your silence will work according to the medicine.

In many cases, even explaining a thousand does not work. Then it will not work if you insist. Instead, you have to accept his word and give up responsibility. Maybe the child did not want to study before an exam, leave it. If he gets a bad result in that test, he will understand himself. Then tell me where he made the mistake. Let him learn from his mistakes.

Pre-teens are also very important in terms of teens or adolescence. At this time the mind and body are ignited, for change. At this age, the influence of the external world is also a lot in their life. So it is not surprising that his own opinion will be formed from six. But it is the responsibility of every parent to make sure that the situation is right.


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