Most Effective 5 Free Ways to Increase Websites Traffic

Here are the Most Effective 5 free ways to increase Website traffic. Those whose website traffic is very low were requested to read with full attention.

For those of us who are blogging or who have just started blogging, ranking is very difficult unless you do some advertising or take the help of a paid ranking website. And we all start blogging to earn some income, many people do not like to invest money there. And why? If you have to work hard to write a blog and then invest money behind it, it is not tolerable at all.

Writing a blog with hard work, if it doesn’t rank or good traffic doesn’t come to the blogging website or any other site, then many people get frustrated and because of this frustration, many people are forced to leave blogging and run away. Why or why not ?. Day after day, month after month, when no result is obtained even after working hard, then no one likes it.

For those who run away or give up blogging, I say don’t give up blogging, because now the world is running on information technology. Maybe your little information comes in handy for someone big. So don’t give up blogging, be patient, work hard, create original content, present yourself to the world as a creator, success will come in your life.

I am Biplob Haldar, I have a lot going on in my blogging career. He is a very difficult story, I have survived a very difficult path so far. I am saying that you too will get success one day or another. I am giving you a few small tips from which you will get ranking or massive traffic on your blogging website or any other website with a 100% guarantee. If you read the article carefully and try to understand step by step.

In this article, I will tell you a total of 5 easy and freeways with analysis. Here are 5 ways to read carefully and fully understand. Then you will apply these for your website. And when you succeed, let me know in the comments. And if you don’t understand this article somewhere or if you misinterpret it somewhere, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

One more thing I need to say before starting 5 freeways is that when you write an article or blog, you should write your article SEO friendly. Since I am informing you of all the resources here for free, you must write the articles SEO friendly. If you don’t know how to write a fully SEO friendly article, you can click here.

What are the Most Affective free ways?

Email marketing

Free Question Answer Policy

Free Url Listing

Free CommentLuv Policy

Free Facebook Sharing

If you think I knew these things, what’s new in them? Yes!! you know these ways but you don’t know the right way to use them.I’ve seen a lot of people who create a video on YouTube or on various blogging sites, but each one refers to you with their privacy and different interests or as someone’s promotion. But you will understand if you read that I have written a little different. Yes, of course, you can ignore it. But before you ignore, let me know how I suggest you for free. I have presented you with a 100% pure article. Now your wish.

Let’s see 5 Freeways one by one

Email marketing

Since our way is free, you have to work hard for the first time. We have to work, for this reason, we do not have any data. So we have to collect a lot of emails to collect this data. Then you can do everything easily with 1 click. Take a little trouble the first time. It will benefit you 100% all time. Let me tell you the processes one by one.

How To Callect Emails

To collect emails you first need to go to the fast page of Google. And go there and type. Double cote () any country as you want then your niche then double cote ()Then For example…..“USA health”

Yes, that’s exactly what you type on your Google fast page. If you have difficulty understanding, you can see the image below.

Most Effective 5 Free Ways to Increase Websites Traffic
Most Effective 5 Free Ways to Increase Websites Traffic

When you type and enter this page you will see what percentage your page has, the percentage can be, 10,20,30,40,50, and 100. If you do it for the first time, you will have 10 percent. And if you do 10 percent, you will waste a lot of time. You need to make this setting 100 percent.

Look at the picture above. Mark a red circle. It has the settings option marked. Click there. 100 percent setting and one more small setting you need to do.

Just like the picture above, after you make the settings, it will take you to the page of your Humanity Check. Once your humility is checked there, it will bring you back to that first page. Now your job on this page is to just copy everything on the page. You copy the whole page.

Once the whole page is copied. Now you open another new tab in your browser and type there Lite1.4 Email Extractor

In the box that you will find after going to Email Extractor, paste the ones you copied from Google Page. Set it up exactly like the picture below. And extract.

See in the picture below I just received 61 emails to copy a Google peg. That way you can collect as many emails as you want.

Once extracted, save the emails you receive to your Notepad or WordPad. However, use commas after each tip to separate the emails you receive. Take a good look at the picture above, there is dot com after again dots. You have to delete these dots. There will be no more dots after com So that each email is different. The emails you get here are all valid. So take care to keep all the emails. For Example ……….,, separate the comma after .com

Email collection processing is over. Let’s take a look at how to send the highest number of emails at once. And also in the primary section of these email owners.

How To Send Email

Since we can’t send more than 100 emails from our Gmail account, follow the whole process to show you how to easily send 2000/3000 mails together.

To send so many emails at once, you need to create an email from your hosting provider. You must know how to do it. If you do not know, follow the steps below. Also, follow the sending process.

Email Set-up

To cricket email from your hosting provider, you first need to login to your c-panel and type email in the search box there. Then in front of you (email account), an option will appear where you have to click and create a new email. Follow the picture first.

Most Effective 5 Free Ways to Increase Websites Traffic
Most Effective 5 Free Ways to Increase Websites Traffic

It is very easy to create an email here. Just click the Create button and enter the name you want to create the email. Just enter the name. Because / in / site / tech / co / etc is given. Example: Once the name is set, create a strong password for your email and click the Final Create option. The diameter of your email was created.

After creating an email address according to the domain name you just click check mail will take you to your email address. And from now on you can send your email as much as you like.

Send Emails

After you click on the check mail, you will be taken to your webmail and there you will see a page like the picture below. And don’t go to that page and click anywhere, just click ROUNDCUBE

After clicking ROUNDCUBE you will go to your webmail main page….now you compose your mail…

If you get an error while sending the setup, you will delete the email address to which the error is coming. Even if it doesn’t come, I informed you of your convenience. And with that came the end of our email marketing setup. One more thing, whenever you write an article, this is how you do email marketing for every blog or article. Then you don’t have to set up so much, just change the email format or what you want to send to your client.

Free Question Answer Policy

You can use Google Question Hub to use the free question answer policy. There are different types of questions. You just find your niche related questions and share your link. There is no more work in diameter. But yes you have to find the right answer and the right question.

Secondly, you can use quora’s question-answer policy. You may not know how powerful it is to generate traffic to your website. You can freely use the Question Answer policy here.

I am giving the details of two policies one by one, the first Google Question Answer Policy and the quora Question Answer Policy.

Google Question Answer Policy

You just select your topic, type the topic in the search box, and search. If you have any questions related to your topic, please answer them. This means that if you have a blog ready about the topic you are searching for, you can share the link to that blog (in the answer box).

And if you searched for a keyword, and you found a question related to that question, then you wrote a blog as an answer to that question, then you got the idea of ​​your blog from now on.

To join Google Question Hub you just click on the link here. After going to this page You got A Option Like……… Join the waitlist. When You click here you will see that page…

After joining question Hub you just search for your topic related questions and share your link in the answer box.

Quora Question Answer Policy

By far the most powerful question-answering platform is Quora. Here you can ask any question and you will get the answer. Again you can answer any other question. And this is where your traffic is hidden. How? I am reporting with all the details below.

Create a Quora account

To create a Quora account you must first go to Here you can create your account with your various accounts such as email, Google account, Facebook account.

When your account creation processing is complete, then start following your niche related spaces. And there ask your niche related questions and answer others ’questions. And share your blogging links in the footnote below the answers you will give. Give one answer every day and give the correct answer. Note that no copyright is allowed here.

Join as contributors in different spaces for better results. You can also join my space as contributors if you want. Click on the links below.

Join For contributors

Click About Followers

Here are your niche related questions and answers. Your traffic will definitely increase. And here is the end of the question and answer session. If you want to know more about Quora, you can go to YouTube. There are a lot of videos out there that you can learn more about Quora from there.

Free Url Listing

You need to go to a website to get your URLs listed for free. Whose name and here you need to register your email address and your website.

After Clicking Register Botton, you will see that page. (bellow) here fill 2 lines .your valid email and original name…and click I AGREE WITH THE TERMS OF USE-SEND ME THE CODE.

After complete this process, you will see that page……

Go to your email and when everything is set up then come back and login With your user ID and password. Then follow the image below.

After clicking on Manage Blog, you will get an option Add Blog. Like the picture given below. Fill in there step by step (as given in the picture).

Flip and save exactly as I showed in the picture. For your convenience, I have seen a complete picture below. If you don’t understand the picture above, you will understand 100% in the picture below.

When this setup is complete, you will see a lot of comments coming to your website. Any comments will be spam-free. And the more comments you get, the higher your ranking and the higher your domain authority. You must also comment here. For that, you can go to Directory Home and comment on different websites. Make sure that your comments do not become spam. Wherever you comment, read, and comment on the articles.

I hope you understand the whole process of URL listing. If you don’t understand somewhere, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments. This is the end of the URL listing process.

Free CommentLuv Policy

The CommentLuv Policy does nothing, you just download a plugin and subscribe to CommentLuv and you will comment on the sites of those who are subscribers of this ContentLuv. Now the question is if you comment on different sites, then why comment Luv?

The reason you do this is that when you comment on a commentLve site, the domain authority and page authority of your site will start to increase. If page authority and domain authority are increased, automatic traffic will start coming to your site. You don’t have to work hard for traffic.

You cannot use any spam if you are a subscriber to CommentLuv. It is a policy of commentLuv. And the less spam your site has, the more people will comment or Google will start relying on your site. No one will be able to stop your site’s traffic from increasing if your site becomes trustworthy to Google.

When you make a comment, you will comment on a site that has an active comment Luv. I do not want to go into more detail about this article. If necessary, I will give details about this comment in another article.

I am giving the URL of only 2/3 comment Luv subscribers for example. You can comment here. Or you can comment on any article on my site or this post, I am also a subscriber to CommentLuv. My domain authority and page authority are also increasing very quickly.

How To Download CommentLuv Plugin

Here’s an easy way to download the CommentLuv plugin. You log in to your website’s admin panel. After logging in, go to the dashboard of your login panel.

After coming to the dashboard you go to the plugins section and click on Add New plugin. Now type commentluv in the search box. You install and activate the plugin that will come in front of you.

When you have Installed and Active completed, go to your Installed Plugins section and go to the settings option of CommentLuv and make only two settings there and leave everything else as it is set and finally save it.

Our comment Luv section ends with this setting. If you want more comment Luv subscribers then go to Google and search for comment Luv link or URL, you will see a lot of URLs in front of you who all comment Luv subscribers.

Free Facebook Sharing

We each share our blog or article on Facebook. But can we all generate too much traffic from Facebook? In most cases can’t. The reason is that we can’t share properly. Now maybe you think we share properly. But I’m saying you don’t share properly. If you share properly, your site will get a lot of traffic.

How do I share Exactly on Facebook?

We share our URLs on Facebook, on our various pages, or on our IDs. But you don’t have to share our wills on any page. For that, you need to share it in the right place. The right page can bring you a lot of traffic.

The correct method is to find some groups related to your niche. You can join at least 20 groups as members. Absolutely join your niche related group. For example, if you have a health-related website, find a health-related group, and become a member. If you have a technology-related website, find a technology-related group, and become a member. and share your URL…

Hope you understand easily. Because everyone knows about Facebook, its power, so I didn’t say much anymore. Use your common thoughts. I have already said the main thing. And here I am ending the Facebook sharing topic and also ending this article.

Don’t hesitate to let me know how you like this article, how you helped or lost, how much I understood you, how much you understood if you have difficulty understanding somewhere if I have a place I don’t understand. Thank you very much.

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