Top 10 Profitable Blogging Ideas for Successful Career 2021

Top 10 Most Popular and Profitable Blogging Ideas Of 2021 To Make Your Blogging Career Successful.

There are many bloggers who are doing different types of blogging. Many of them have been established or have succeeded in their blogging careers. Again, there are many bloggers who have not been able to establish themselves despite their best efforts. I don’t want to discuss those who have been established. This article has been created keeping in mind the issues of those who could not be established and to help new bloggers and take lessons.

There are bloggers who can’t succeed after a lot of effort, are thinking about whether to quit blogging and focus on something else, I have discussed some important things for them and I have discussed some special things for new bloggers, tips that aren’t available for free.

I request you to read the article with special attention. Given your morale and some very important tips from the beginning to the end of this article, I hope you will benefit.

Top 10 Profitable Blogging Ideas for Successful Career 2021

I would like to say to those who have just started blogging or who have been blogging for a long time but have not reached the desired destination.

There is no problem with what you are blogging about, but keep in mind that the topic you are blogging about should meet the needs of your readers or customers.

The content of the topic you are blogging about should be unique. This means that the content you publish should be of your own type and different from everyone else’s.

Make your content attractive, clean, and easy to understand, so that any reader will be satisfied once they come to your site and will like to come to your site again a second time.

Use the original image or copyright-free image. Use an image every 400 words of any article.

Make your article or content search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. This means that when you write your article, do not forget to do on-page SEO of your article. Know more about on-page SEO.

It is possible to publish much less content, but more attention should be paid to content marketing. In my opinion, you can publish 2 articles a week and spend the rest of your time marketing your content. That means share your articles on different social media. Know more about social media marketing. You Can also do email marketing for increasing your site traffic or ranking. Know more about email marketing.

Top 10 Profitable Blogging Ideas for Successful Career 2021
Your site should be linked to these social networks

Do your page’s off-page search engine optimization (SEO). Off-page SEO means getting your site backlinks, link building, optimizing, etc.

It is very important to create backlinks for your site or blog. Know more about backlinks.

It is very important to do a competitor analysis of your site or blog to increase the ranking. Learn to do competitor analysis by watching various YouTube videos start analyzing your site.

Remember, in order to increase your site’s ranking or traffic, it is very important to do article marketing, backlinks, SEO, competitor analysis rather than publishing articles.

One more thing. If you feel that you cannot apply the above but you want to succeed or be established in your blogging career, you can contact any professional SEO company if you have the ability to afford it. They can responsibly bring your site ranking. If you want to do SEO of your site at a low cost, you can contact me

One more thing to share with you, so that you have more help before you start any blogging, you must keep in mind that now any search engine (such as Google) with any micro-niche blogging can get rankings very quickly. I don’t want to talk about micro-niches in my article, it’s a little too long to talk about micro-niches, so I will discuss in another article. Stay tuned by subscribing. You will benefit a lot from this site of mine.

10 Profitable Blogging Ideas

Although I’m not talking about micro-niches. But each of the ideas given below is a micro-niche. From there you can start your blogging career by selecting the domain name of your choice. And those who are already working on the domain, select any topic according to your domain and start blogging. I am giving four possible keywords for each idea, you can blog with those keywords according to the niche you like.

I urge you again to know and understand the ideas well and apply your own skills and try to understand better about its micro-niche. Anyone can start blogging by knowing the ideas given below. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can make your career successful from blogging.

1.Area Informe

We all live in different areas. Every area has some famous history. You can start blogging by collecting those histories. You can start from the area where you live. You can also go to different areas and collect different information from elderly people there and make different documentaries.

You can make a video of your documentary, you can publish that video on various social media, on YouTube. You can embed any of your published videos in your (Area Informer) blog or article. This will keep the traffic coming from different directions. Your income search will also be launched from different angles.

But keep one thing in mind. Before you share any information, know the subject well, share the correct information in front of people.

Possible keywords for Area Informe niche
  • History about the Taj Mahal
  • The dark history of the Taj Mahal
  • Unknown truth about the Taj Mahal
  • Unknown facts about Delhi

2.Defensive blogging

At present people have various problems, they can be physical as well as mental, some people feel insecure when they go out of the house and some people feel insecure due to various environmental reasons. This is especially the case with females.

How can girls, in particular, protect themselves? You can publish various blogs or videos about them. For example, how to save yourself if a woman is attacked on the street. How do you respond if someone hits you? Etc. These are in great demand all over the world.

Possible keywords for Defensive niche
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to respond if someone else hits
  • How to save yourself when danger
  • How to protest injustice

3.Movie reviews

New movies are released every week. Every movie-loving people want to see a newly released movie, but before they go to see that movie, they want to gain a little experience with that movie, because they spend time buying tickets so that they don’t see things they don’t like. All in all, every movie-loving people will see the reviews of the newly released movies at least once.

In this case, you can go to the nearest movie theater and watch the first day / first show, your experience about that movie, who is acting, what is the story, what is the story, what is the shooting location, what is your percentage rating on that movie, etc. Make a beautiful review and publish it.

Of course, remember not to try to copyright in any way to get a good review. This can cause you a lot of damage. Whatever you do, do it on your own.

Possible keywords for movie reviews niche
  • Today Release Movie Review English
  • Rajinikanth Movie Review and Rating
  • Today Release Movie Review Hindi
  • Latest Movie Review Today

4.Kitchen equipment

If you are a woman then you will be experienced with all the equipment in the kitchen. Or you have studied cooking. Nowadays men are also experienced in these matters. In short, if you are experienced in the kitchen, you can start blogging about different kitchen equipment. You can also blog about different types of cooking utensils.

You can earn income from blogging of this kitchen equipment in different ways, for example, Google Adsense, affiliate, product sale by contact, etc.

Possible keywords for kitchen equipment niche
  • How to keep the kitchen clean
  • What equipment is needed to make such food
  • Easy Cooking with such equipment
  • What equipment is needed to make vegetarian food


You can make videos to make different kinds of food. You can post that video on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. You can write an article about what kind of recipes are needed in any food. You can embed videos in your recipe blog that you published on social media.

In particular, the demand for any new type of food is high. There is a demand for different types of food depending on the area. You can start blogging with the recipes of famous dishes in your area first. Then gradually you will be able to write blogs about food recipes from other areas.

Applying this method to the recipe blog increases your traffic, ranking, income source from different aspects.

One thing to keep in mind is that before sharing any recipe, you should know the recipe well and use it practically. If your recipe is wrong then your site may be decrypted instead of Increase. So do whatever you do practically.

Possible keywords for Recipe niche
  • How to make this kind of food
  • An easy way to make biryani
  • Delhi’s special street food
  • How to make pasta in 5 minutes


Yoga blogging is an important topic, there are a lot of people in the world who learn yoga through the internet and apply it themselves. This is sensitive blogging. If you have experience with yoga or exercise then you can do this blogging. From this, you can make different kinds of income. For example, through AdSense, through online tutoring, through equipment affiliates, by publishing videos, in many more ways.

If you have experience with yoga then you can do yoga blogging. As I said before you can do blogging without any experience. But there are some things that cannot be done without the slightest experience. Even if you have little experience with yoga, you can do yoga blogging. In this case, if you do not have a little experience, you can skip this step and learn about the next step.

If you don’t have the experience, I have asked you to skip the step of blogging for the reason that yoga is a physical issue, even if you make the slightest mistake about it, people can have big problems.

Possible keywords for the Yoga niche
  • Yoga for middle-aged people
  • How to Yoga for fitness.
  • How to do yoga for knee pain
  • Yoga method for pregnant women

7.Video game tutorial

Who doesn’t love to play video games? Not on the field or practice, at this time a lot of young people are leaning towards video games via mobile or laptop. New video games are also being launched all the time. And everyone is more interested in new games. But after playing various video games, they got into some unknown problems. And this unknown problem or to play well by visiting different sites, to learn the game.

If you want to blog about video games then this will be the easiest blogging for you. You will be regularly updated with new games. Games first learn to play well, you can publish videos by screen recording. By writing a blog or article about the game, you can embed the video in the article. You can watch live video game shows.

I have already informed the income search. When you start blogging or become a professional blogger, Income sources will automatically come in handy.

Possible keywords for the video game tutorial niche
  • Learn to play live pubg games
  • How to play free-fire games
  • How to play online games for free
  • How to earn money by playing games


There are a lot of people in the world who go out of the house every day knowing their horoscope or fortune. In addition, many people search the Internet for horoscopes for one purpose or another. There is a lot of search on the internet, especially about horoscopes. Because many people want to know their horoscope in the palm of their hand or at home.

Because there are many horoscope fraudsters who deceive people in different ways. This is why people usually do not like to go directly to the astrologer. Honest astrologers do not feel bad, I apologize to you. I’m not saying that all astrologers are bad, there are some astrologers who have a very good mindset and do the right thing.

Lots of bloggers are blogging about horoscopes. Also available in various applications in the Play Store. You may be wondering why I am suggesting you blog about horoscopes even though you have so much. Because every blogger writes a blog or article according to their own information. You can also write a horoscope blog or article according to your information. Not everyone can get the right information and trustworthiness. If you can honestly write and publish blogs or articles with the right information, then your blogging career can also be a success.

In the case of horoscope blogging, your job is to keep in touch with your acquaintances or any famous astrologer, to get the right updates on a daily basis. You can also do weekly updates. Regular and accurate updates can increase the credibility of your site very quickly.

Possible keywords for the Horoscope niche
  • Know your weekly horoscope
  • Find out what’s in your fortune today
  • Know your destiny before danger
  • How will you spend today?

9.Blogging about the culture of different tribes

Wherever you live in that town or village. You will notice in your area that there are different tribes in your area, each of those tribes has a different culture, first, you can start blogging about the culture of those different tribes from your area, their different rituals and also different topics. Starting with the tribes that live in your area first, you can gradually write blogs about them by contacting other areas.

However, keep in mind that you should not make the culture of any tribe or society small or big or write anything unwanted about them. In this, you may face various dangerous discussions.

Possible keywords for the culture of different tribes niche

  • See how the marriage of such a tribe
  • How do such tribes spend from morning till night?
  • What is the food of such a tribe?
  • How to hunt such a tribe
  • Learn the customs of such tribes

10.Love/sad story blogging

Everyone has a rough idea about love stories. You can start your blogging career from the love story of your life or the love story of your friends. After writing a few stories, you will have the experience of writing different types of stories. Absolutely short story and a lot of suspense/joy/sadness must be kept in the story.

There are lots of people who like new stories. Share some of the beginning of your story on different social media, give the whole reading link. If your story first goes viral from social media, traffic, and ranking to your site will automatically increase. Blogging with any story can be a success.

I talk about social media for the reason that social media is very powerful, especially if you share any story on Facebook, your blog will go viral. Because only Facebook has more traffic than ordinary people. Most of the people’s accounts on the rest of the social media are associated with one or another business.

I do not want to discuss this further in this article. Because if we start discussing this issue, it will become one more article equal to this whole article. So the story can be discussed in detail in another article.

Possible keywords for the Love/sad story blogging niche
  • How to propose to someone
  • The love story of college life
  • The unknown story of known people
  • Honeymoon and life crisis

The keywords suggested in this article, for example, are all possible keywords. We have not researched these keywords. If you think these are useful for you, then you should do good research. Maybe if you change a single word of a keyword, you can get the keyword you want.

If you find any unwanted discussion in this article, please let us know. We will try to correct it. Feel free to let us know if you have any additional feedback. We value your feedback as much as possible. You can let us know if you have any suggestions, either through the contact form or through the comments.

Thank you so much for being with us

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  1. Such an inspiring set of blogging ideas. As you said, anything we blog about, it is good to make sure that our blog serves its target user’s needs and offer them solutions.

  2. Hey,

    You have suggested very helpful ideas to popular and profitable blogging which is also very beneficial for me because i am also a fresher in blogging.

    You are right many blogger try many ideas to be popular and getting profitable in which some have get success in his carrier or rest are not. As you said anything we blog about it is good to make sure that our blog serves it target user’s needs and offer them solutions.

    Your suggestion is incredible ideas that are yoga,recipes,kitchen equipment etc since these are all essential for human survival.

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