Skincare Ingredients: An easy way to control psoriasis

Skincare Ingredients: An easy way to control psoriasis

This article in the Skincare Ingredients series discusses ways to control psoriasis and all the unknown information about it.

If the internal organs of the body are damaged, we immediately go to the doctor. Various tests, medicines, injections, measured meals continue for hours. The purpose is the same So that the disease does not last long. In the case of some skin diseases, however, such awareness is not seen. Many people do not want to go to the doctor unless it is too much. However, not an appropriate treatment. Skin diseases can also cause enough problems. If left untreated without consulting a doctor, it can lead to various diseases.

E.g., psoriasis. A known disease. Lots of people suffer from this skin problem. Most importantly, the disease is chronic, In other words, this disease is not completely free. The disease comes back again and again. Stays in self-glory for a few weeks, then goes silent again for a few days. This type of problem may recur later. But why is that? What is the treatment of this disease? I will discuss all of these topics one by one below (as a highlight of the skincare Ingredients)

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic type of skin problem. Our skin has two main layers, the outer part is called the epidermis, and the inner skin is called the dermis. At the top of the epidermis are the dead cells, or keratin, which at regular intervals the dead cells fall off, and the living cells at the bottom rise to the top. Again it falls at one point. This process continues.

In any case, if this process is disrupted, then psoriasis occurs. This process of skin change, i.e. epidermis turnover usually continues every 28 days. But sometimes it comes down to it. Even in 3-4 days, the epidermis turnover occurs. This condition is psoriasis.

What are the symptoms?

Patches can be seen on the side of psoriasis according to the reddish cocoon. Gradually these parts of the skin become thicker. Sometimes it becomes very dry and cracks, peels, itches, or burns. Psoriasis is mainly found in the chest, back, elbows, and legs. However, psoriasis also occurs in the head. Excessive dandruff on the scalp can be the result of this disease. There is a possibility of hair loss.

Again, nail psoriasis forms holes in the nails, changing the color of the nails. If left untreated, nails can grow from the roots. In many areas of the skin become red and swollen and there is a feeling of pain or discomfort, then a doctor should be consulted immediately. The sooner treatment is started in this case, the better the disease will be under control.

Skincare Ingredients: An easy way to control psoriasis
Skincare Ingredients: An easy way to control psoriasis

An experienced physician can usually diagnose diseases by knowing the family history and looking at the symptoms. However, in some cases, a skin biopsy is also required. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the skin dries out quickly in winter. Need regular skincare. The skin must be kept clean, with Dr. Sandeepan Dhar advising to use emulsifier type lashes. It will maintain the necessary moisture of the skin, the skin will be soft.

What are the risk factors?

If left untreated or without regular medication, there is a risk of developing psoriatic arthritis. This also causes pain in the joints and swelling in the joints due to common arthritis. However, it has also been observed that other symptoms of psoriasis are absent in the body. However, hands and toes have been affected. Patients with psoriasis usually have a 10-35 percent chance of developing psoriatic arthritis. In some cases, the joints may be permanently damaged.

The cause of psoriasis is still unclear. It is commonly thought that some genetic and environmental factors can cause this disease. Psoriasis is not caused by any drug side effects. However, if the disease is present in the body, taking some medicines may increase the side effects of the disease.

Psoriasis is also caused by excessive stress. Because as a result of stress, our body’s immune system becomes very weak. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and humid weather are also risk factors. So it is better to avoid all this as much as possible.

Important Tips on Skincare Ingredients

  • Psoriasis is not a contagious disease. It is basically a genetic disease. So there is no need to keep the patient alive.
  • Absolutely alkaline soap should not be used in this disease. Glycerinated soap or baby soap can be used. Moisturizer or coconut oil is also very useful in this disease.
  • The dress should be full sleeve and cotton. Because the synthetic type of clothing increases the risk of this disease.
  • Special attention should be paid to food. Daily at least two types of seasonal fruits should be included in the diet. It is best to eat vitamin C-rich fruits. The amount of protein should also be increased.
  • Above all, regular treatment is required. Remember, psoriasis is a lifelong companion. So it is very important to take regular medication and follow the doctor’s advice. Buying drugs from a store at will or abruptly stopping treatment is equally harmful.

This disease is not completely cured. But with regularity, much of the symptoms of psoriasis are under control. Complications do not increase. Therefore, to overcome the disease, the doctor’s advice must be followed.


This article has been written entirely on the advice of a dermatologist. If you have any comments or suggestions about Skincare Ingredients, please let us know in the comments box below or on our contact page.

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