Softaculous: Your one-stop solution 2021

To build, manage, secure, customize, and grow your online business, Softaculous is the one-stop solution.

Building your website is not an easy task and it becomes all the more difficult for beginners and non-technical users- especially the ones with limited resources who cannot afford to hire expensive professionals. Buying a domain name has become very affordable and the prices of web hosting plans have also been lowered down.

However the other infrastructure and process requirements for building a professional website, managing it, and securing it against various security threats can be complicated and expensive, some providers offer strong solutions to overcome these challenges and one of the highly reputed brands in this category is Softaculous.

It offers a selected suite of multiple platforms to efficiently manage your site, create awesome page designs and functionalities, secure your site against vulnerabilities, and also allows you to manage multiple sites from a single interface without any complication. Let us have an overview and how can Softaculous products help you to build grow, manage and secure your site(s)-

Quick Overview

  • Softaculous to quickly onboard the digital landscape
  • Page layer to create awesome page designs with extended customization
  • Webuzo to enjoy end to end security ecosystem with advanced features like an isolated ecosystem to use cloud applications
  • AMPPSS For easy management of multiple sites through a single interface
  • Repository The single stop solution for repository needs and track needs for different projects


Softaculous is a single click auto-installer that contains 400+ scripts and 1000+ PHP classes which empowers the beginners to quickly install the site-building infrastructure like CMS, applications, etc.

How does Softaculous benefit the end clients?

Softaculous allows them to manage different aspects like design, admin panel, content, etc. from a single interface – either directly or through the links to the respective digital property- for instance, the WordPress admin area. Thus it reduces time to market and makes things easier for the beginners or non-technical users as they can control admin, design, content, and various site-related tasks from the single panel- without having to switch between different interfaces separately.

How does Softaculous benefit the hosting providers?

One of the major concerns for the web hosting companies is to help their new clients in on-boarding the digital journey like creating their site, uploading the content appropriately, and efficiently executing site management tasks. It is not practically possible for them to individually guide their clients through the entire onboarding process but at the same time, they cannot neglect their after-sales needs.

Softaculous precisely solve this dilemma by allowing the hosting providers to bake their 1-click auto-installer and site manager right into their hosting panel. So, the hosting providers can just sell their hosting packages (with Softaculous integrated) to their clients which allows the clients to instantly download and start using the web building infrastructure (CMS, Scripts, applications, etc.) and control the key aspects of their site management with just a few easy and quick uncomplicated steps.

How can Softaculous improve customer experience?

  1. It allows even the non-technical clients or beginners to quickly (and independently) onboard the digital landscape without any tedious learning curve.
  2. It also helps the hosting providers to efficiently tap the huge audience of non-technical clients thus allowing them to boost their sales. Self-hosted solutions allow the providers to install it on their server thus enabling their end-users to access the instance that facilitates the app installed on their servers. Softaculous allows you to install your desired application over SFTP/FTP or FTPS.
  3. Softaculous remote: This option allows you to use Softaculous Remote on the Softaculous server that can be accessed at through the easy and quick process.

Salient Features

  • ONE CLICK app installation
  • 400+ Apps 
  • Daily Updates
  • Well documented API & SDK
  • Scripts Demos available for practical experience before mistaking
  • Easy Backups / Restore configuration 
  • Website Cloning for beforehand testing of applications before actual installations
  • WordPress Themes 
  • Multilingual
  • 24X7 Supports


Webuzo is a strong end-to-end security suite for your site that allows you to install and managing SSL certificates, CSR, and Probate keys. It also enables you to allow or restrict the server access by enabling or disabling SSH Access from the webuzo end-user panel.

The major benefit of Webuzo is that it empowers the clients to run their desired application without downloading it to their system thus empowering them to benefit from diverse applications without the risks or hassles of downloading (i.e., space consumption, delays, or virus risks). You can run the application that can be run in an isolated ecosystem which assures you that it will not interfere with the other programs of your computer. It supports various platforms and programs like MySQL, PHP Stack, Wiki, or Java among many others.

Softaculous: Your one-stop solution 2021
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Webuzo is a Single User control panel and a Lamp Stack which contains 400+ scripts and over 1000 Softaculous classes- and the list is constantly growing year on year. Installing webuzo is easy and you can use it without going through any complicated learning curve- thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface. You can use webuzo cloud launcher for quick and hassle-free deployment o your preferred applications in the cloud ecosystem. You can install it in 3 different ways- on Virtual Server, dedicated server, or simply virtual applicable.

Easy to use

Installing Webuzo is quick and easy and the best thing is that it seamlessly integrates with a virtual server powered by Linux-KVM, OpenVZ, HVM, or Xen PV. Moreover, you can also build your Webuzo template and run it on the virtualization ecosystem.

How does Webuzo work?

Using the best blend of latest technologies the webuzo lamp stack application manager allows you to deploy and develop or preferred locations equipped with all the general and advanced features like Database management with MySQL and Rockmomgo, FTP Users management, Domain manager, and MXEntrey records management. Other features include CSR, Advanced security, and others. In short, it offers you a simple and straightforward suite of server management solutions.


 Page-layer is an advanced page building tool packed with extreme capabilities and several user-friendly features to instantly create your website and personalize it the way you want.

What are the benefits and salient features of page-layer?

Its sophisticated suite of widgets allows you to customize your site the way you want without any development skills.

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Widgets
  • In-line Editing
  • Real-Time Design
  • Typography
  • Easily Customizable
  • Using Player, experience the best way of designing your website
  • Basic Widgets
  • Badge
  • Tooltip
  • Image
  • Image Slider
  • Grid Gallery
  • Star Rating
  • Button
  • Video
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Collapse
  • Space
  • Embed
  • Shortcode
  • Google Map
  • Testimonial
  • Progress Bars
  • Color Block
  • Alert
  • Divider
  • Social Profile
  • Image Box
  • Icon Box
  • Counter
  • Anchor
  • Get started with Page-layer today
  • The Best Themes
  • PopularFx provides the best themes for WordPress and more.
  • We have 415 Themes and Templates listed.


AMPPSS allows you to create, customize, and publish your website effortlessly with the help of 400+ different apps along with a wide array of hosting providers to choose from.

Benefits of AMPPSS

AMPPSS is a high-performing software stack that provides you everything needed for developing your websites like Apache, MongoDB, PHP, Python, Perl, and Softaculous auto-installer on your desktop which empowers you to develop our site from applications. Moreover, you also have the option to write your code if you prefer so.

It allows you to execute various complicated functions with just a single click- like database backing or complete website backing. Importing scripts site backup, updating installations, and a variety of other complicated technical processes are compressed into just a single click enabling the nontechnical clients to independently execute various tasks without complications.

 Use Softaculous auto-installer to create your site that takes just less than 5 minutes After installing AMPPS download the latest version of the desired web applications with Softaculous.

Amppss also allows you to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard including access, plugins, themes, updates, etc/.


The repository is a single stop cloud solution for various requirements related to SVN, Mercurial, and Git repository which makes it easier for you to run any projects which involved multiple programmers

What are the benefits and major features of the Repository?

Packed with different strong features the repository allows you to manage your projects and code with the help of quick and dependable hosting for Git, Mercurial, and Subversions repositories and also enables you to align and combine diverse repositories for your projects.

  • Git Hosting
  • Subversion Hosting
  • Mercurial Hosting
  • Trac Hosting
  • Code hosting
  • View commits
  • Checkout comparisons
  • Tracking of TODO code tasks and much more …
  • Project Management Tools
  • Full time tracking on projects
  • Project documentation
  • Discussions about projects
  • Manage project user groups and much more …
  • Single Control Panel
  • Manage All Users
  • Create User Groups
  • Create Git, SVN, Mercurial Repositories
  • Create Trac Projects and add your repos and much more …
  • Discuss is a simple dashboard with an easy navigation design that shows you all the key information regarding your tickets that helps you to have an overview of all the tickets, the status, and easy tracking options. Thanks to its intuitive interface the working are quite easy and simple.
  • Multiple Departments
  • Interactive Ticket Management
  • Easy Customization
  • Clean and neat layout
  • Saas

Hope you have a lot of experience with Sofataculus software in this article. If you want to know more about Sofataculus, you can contact us or let us know in the comment box below. We will try our best to answer your question.

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