10 Benefits To Use Jetpack Plugin In WordPress Website

Use the Jetpack plugin with at least 10 benefits in one to make your WordPress website even more special.

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I don’t want to waste your time writing too long on this blog. The reason for me to publish this blog is probably understood by looking at the title and description of the blog. So I don’t want to discuss too much.

You may know how difficult it is to maintain a website on any blogging site, that is, for those who blog on a WordPress website. So those who use WordPress websites may be using different plugins to maintain their website. You can even use one plugin for each particular task.

In that case, I will tell you one thing, you should not increase the load time or various problems of your site by using more plugins. This is the problem with your site’s SEO.

In my opinion, you should not use more than 8-10 plugins on your site. Now if you think that you need to use 20 plugins for at least 20 needs, then I would say that you should use 10 plugins for 20 needs.

Now let’s talk about the main thing, you can meet 10 needs with the only Jetpack plugin. Below I am mentioning what you can do with this plugin.

What can be done with the Jetpack plugin?

Here are completely free 10 benefits you can use with just one Jetpack plugin, with details below.

1.Comment Spam Alert When a reader comments on one of your blogs, if that comment is spamming, then the Jetpack plugin blocks that comment or comes to your site and submits it to the spam folder. And you can easily delete that spam comment by detecting it from your spam folder.

2.All Social Embedding With the help of this plugin, you can easily embed links from any social site to your WordPress website. If you have this plugin, you do not need to use any other plugin for social embedding

3.Email Alert To Subscriber The great advantage of the Jetpack plugin is that it allows you to automatically notify your subscribers of any post you make on your WordPress website, without the need for a separate email address or a separate email sending company account (e.g. MailChimp)

4.Auto social Sharing With this plugin you can AutoShare your posts for free. This means that when you publish a blog or article on your WordPress website, that blog or article will be automatically shared directly on 7 social sites at the same time, without any time, effort, or need to go to different social sites.

5.Sharing Buttons If a reader feels the need to share a post on your site on their own social network, you can also make that arrangement for them with the help of this plugin. That means you can put a sharing button at the bottom of any post or page on your WordPress website without any other plugins.

10 Reasons to Use Jetpack Plugin
Use Jetpack Plugin

6.Like Buttons There are various plugins to add a like button at the bottom of a blog or article. But all the plugins are very complicated and in that case, you have to use paid plugins. They do not work properly when using free plugins. In that case, you can also put the like button at the bottom of your blog or article completely free with this Jetpack plugin.

7.Comment Like Buttons You can also add a like button in the comments section of your WordPress website only with the help of this Jetpack plugin. With the help of which readers can like the comment of their choice

8.Related Post Showing After Post You don’t need a separate plugin to show related posts after any post on your WordPress website, you can take advantage of this only by using the Jetpack plugin.

9.Website Speed Optimization This Jetpack plugin is capable of optimizing your WordPress website’s lazyload images, JavaScript files, CSS files, optimizing the speed of your site, and making it SEO friendly And you don’t have to pay anything for this.

10.Subscriber Form You can add a subscriber form to your WordPress website with this plugin. The form allows any reader to come to your WordPress website and subscribe to your site with just one click with their email address. You do not need to do any maintenance separately. The only Jetpack plugin will do all your work. (See the image below)

Use Jetpack Plugin In WordPress Website
Jetpack Plugin

Only the Jetpack plugin can do all of the above. This plugin can also do some things, which you can find out only by using this plugin. At first I said I wouldn’t write much, but I wrote a lot. So I don’t want to waste your time anymore. Now watch the video below to know how to setup the Jetpack plugin completely.

See the complete setup for using the Jetpack plugin

Jetpack Plugin Setup

I hope you have got complete information about Jetpack plugin. If you want to know more information, let us know in the comment box below. I will try my best to answer your question.


I have written this blog and presented it to you based on my personal experience. I am not doing any affiliate business for this plugin. I have published this blog for the convenience of my readers and all of you.

If you have any complaints or suggestions please let us know in the comment box below or contact form.

Thank You So Much For Being With Me…

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