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Mental Health Tips: What causes of depression in COVID-19

If someone suffers from depression in the COVID-19 situation, seek treatment as soon as possible, but first, find out all the details of what causes depression.

For whatever reason, many may be upset for a couple of days. But if you see that you are not getting rid of that evil, it is gradually consuming your existence, then you have to be aware. If you have any such problem, I will say, this article is for you. You are requested to read the whole article carefully.

Symptoms of depression

There are two main symptoms to determine if you have a major depressive disorder. First of all, is it a bad mood or depression? The bad goes away in a day or two. But if the depression lasts for two weeks or more, then you know that it is leading to depression.

One more thing to see is whether he is losing interest in everything. Maybe he loves to watch movies and series, he loves music, but now it doesn’t feel good anymore. Or maybe someone loves to cook, eat, that doesn’t feel good anymore.

If you have any of these two aspects of any of these symptoms, you should know that depression is taking root in your mind. There are some signs to keep an eye on. ” We have to keep an eye on whether he is reluctant to eat or not. Lack of sleep or excessive sleep is also one of the symptoms.

Loss of energy may also occur. But then it has to be checked whether it is due to mental or physical problems.

In many cases, there is no energy due to thyroid or other diseases. With this, there will be unnecessary guilt. He will begin to feel guilty about everything.

Concerns about everything will continue to decrease. You will not be able to do any work continuously. And the movement will decrease or increase excessively. Maybe someone slept in a room all day. Maybe someone walked from one house to another thinking.

You can’t even decide what to plan for the whole day or what work to prioritize. The tendency to commit suicide may also occur. In rare cases, however, there have been cases where the patient may even consider killing his or her dependents.

The onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left. But then you have to take expert advice. Many times the patient admits to friends or parents that he is not feeling well.

What causes depression, Avoid danger in COVID-19 situation
What causes depression, Avoid danger in COVID-19 situation

Then many people think, what does he lack? Or what happened that the mind is not good why? Thinking about all this, he blew it up. Depression can occur even if there is no deficiency. Apparently, a person’s life seems to be going well, but he thinks that depression can take root.

Depression decreases by itself?

Psychiatrist Dr. Rudra Acharya said, “In some cases, when the mind is depressed, talking to angry friends may lead to fatigue. But it still needs expert advice. Because once a person is depressed, he or she is more likely to be depressed. ”

Ways to diagnose depression

A lot of times Ragi finds himself realizing that he is going into depression. In some cases, the angry person may not realize it. But then the people around have to be aware. As you begin to swallow fatigue, there is a tendency for social withdrawal or isolation. But even if the angry person does not understand that, his family or friends should know.

The man who used to hang out with everyone for so long, if he suddenly stops hanging out or keeps going home, the people around him have to take action. It is important to seek the advice of a psychiatrist as soon as possible. However, you can open your mind to your loved ones.

Dr. Abir Mukherjee said, “The number of psychiatrists and psychologists in our country is low. Depressive disorders, on the other hand, are on the rise. He is quick in the case. You can’t even get a psychiatrist’s appointment. But waiting for him can make the problem worse. So talk to friends, parents, someone you trust. In this case, it is important to talk. Consult a family physician. You can also take the help of mental health professional. ”

Treatment of depression

Counseling is started by talking to the patient. At the same time, he is tested for diabetes, thyroid, anemia, or other diseases. However, treatment is started through counseling before the test. If the patient is found to be suffering from acute depression, do not wait for the test. By counseling, treatment is started with some medications.

Medications for depression are long-term. Once an episode of depression occurs, you may need to take medication for six months to a year. If it occurs twice or more, the duration of the medication will be extended, in some cases, you may have to take the medication for life. Besides, they are also allowed to check whether there is any other disease.

It is also important to see if the person has OCD, phobia, or any intoxication. In that case, the type of treatment will also change. If there is a case history of intoxication, an attempt is made to get rid of it first. As such, alcohol exacerbates depression, so alcohol is said to stop earlier. If the patient can’t stop it on her own, she needs to be admitted to a psychiatric center. In some cases, you may have to be admitted to rehab.

Treatment therapy for depression

Psychiatrist Dr. Rudra Acharya said, “Treatment is started through cognitive behavioral therapy. Attempts are made to bring positive aspects to the patient’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It starts with a behavioral change in him.

Suppose someone is interested in playing football, someone is interested in painting again, they are asked to start with that. The positive aspects of his life are brought back through the subject of choice. Many people also suffer from depression due to the death of their loved ones. Then he was also involved in various engaging activities to break that depression cycle.

Just as treatment is necessary to cure ailments of the body, it is also necessary to treat mental illnesses. Do not neglect chronic fatigue. If you treat it, you will find a new life by overcoming depression.


This article is written based on the advice of psychiatrists. If you have any suggestions you can contact us. We do not write any article knowingly or by copying. Let’s review all the details in full and then publish. Therefore, I request every reader that the comments you make above this article should be meaningful. So that we can collect more such articles and publish them in front of you.

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