What plugin is very important to run a website smoothly.

An accurate idea of what plugins you need to use and why you need to use them to run a website smoothly. There was a request to know the details about all the plugins.

People who run websites through WordPress need a theme and some plugins to run their website. What are the special plugins you need to run a website smoothly?

For example, what is the function of a plugin, which plugin will have a website spread high, which plugin will allow readers to share your post? I will discuss in detail which SEO plugin, which plugin to do page design, which plugin the public will contact you with, which plugin to subscribe to, etc.

One thing before that, you can use any WordPress theme. You can use whatever you feel comfortable in. Which theme is comfortable, which theme is free, which theme is more popular, how to use the theme is not discussed in this article, the theme can be discussed in any other article.

What plugins you need to install and activate are detailed below with a picture one by one. Of course, all plugins are free to use.


Elementor Page Builder is the most powerful plugin. With the help of which you can make any page look very beautiful and in different styles. It is very easy to use. A variety of templates are created in the Element Store, from where you can choose the page of your choice and give good looking to any page of your site. Created pages are free and paid in two ways.

Elementer plugin can be used with any WordPress theme. With the help of this theme, you can’t give good looking to your WordPress site. For that, you have to use Elementer Plugin. There are more page builder plugins in the market but they are not as comfortable as Elementer (in my opinion) so if you want to create a beautiful and lightweight page then it is a waste of time to find an alternative to Elementer.

2.Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

Plagiarism Checker, this plugin allows you to check the plagiarism of your content. This plugin is definitely needed to check how unique the content of the article or blog you are posting is. This plugin is powered by Small SEO Tools. Its various functions such as…

The benefits of this plugin are…… Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Check, Reverse Image Search, Logo Maker, What is My IP, PDF To Word Converter, Internet Speed Test, SEO checker, Article Rewriter, Keyword Position, Domain Authority Checker, Backlink Checker, Image Compressor, Video Downloader, Facebook Video Downloader, Word To PDF, RGB To HEX, Image Resizer, Video To Gif, Etc. So this plugin is very necessary for your site.

3.Orbit Fox Companion

This, with the help of this Orbit Fox Companion plugin, your post is shared on various social sites.

When a reader reads your article or blog, after reading it, if he wants to share that article or blog on any social media, he can share it directly, with just one click. Its feature works like a pop-up. Almost all the social site options can be added here, where readers can share their social as they wish. So this Orbit Fox Companion plugin is very useful for you.

4.LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed ​​Cache is one of the most important cache plugins. This plugin is very important to speed up your page. Your pages become slow for various reasons. And because of this slow, your ranking does not improve or visitors come. So in order to improve the ranking or increase the visitors, you have to increase the speed of your site. And you need to use the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin to increase the speed.

There are various cache plugins in the market, but in my opinion, the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin is better. This is because this plugin is completely free and easy to use. If you have no skills in this plugin, you can still use the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin.

Not all hosting providers work equally or in the same process. One is the one-of-a-kind performance of a hosting provider. The best way is to talk to your hosting provider when you use a cache plugin. They should use whatever they suggest. However, no hosting provider will prohibit the use of the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin. But other cache plugins have restrictions.

The job of the cache plugin is to keep the various contents of your site clean, to make all the content of your site lightweight. If there is heavyweight instead of lightweight then it is difficult. This can be a huge loss to your site. So before using any cache plugin talk to the hosting provider that you can use whatever you want.

There is no problem with LiteSpeed ​​Cache. This is because most hosting providers suggest using LiteSpeed ​​Cache Plugin.

5.Jetpack by WordPress.com

This plugin has various functions, such as related posts on your site, search engine optimization, social sharing, protection, backups, security, and More different work.

This plugin is WordPress’s own and requires you to use it. So that you can easily see the status of your site, you can easily secure your side, there are many different aspects. In the case of free download, you can only see the status of your site and use this plugin for site security. And if you have a simple blogging site, then these two options are enough for you. And if you have a site in affiliate, then you use the paid version.

6.Rank Math SEO Plugin

This rank math plugin is the best plugin (in my opinion) for on-page SEO. A complete guide from the zero points of any of your articles to the end, when writing an article or blog. All SEO related guidelines are available with this free plugin. With this plugin, when you write an article or blog, you don’t have a single mistake.

What plugin is very important

There are different plugins, but plugins like Rank Math can’t be second in my opinion. Because it’s completely free. Rank Math also has the same features that are available in the Yosta Plugin. But Yosta Plugin is a paid plugin, you can use it for free, but you will not get all the features of Yosta Plugin for free. Rank Math is very dear to me because it is free and all features are available.

7.Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents, this plugin allows all the contents of your articles to be stored in a table. If a reader wants to read your content from a particular place or a place of their choice, then that reader can reach the reader’s particular place or the place of his choice with the help of this Easy Table of Contents.

Easy Table of Contents, a reader-friendly way. If you have created your content for readers, then you must use this Easy Table of Contents to make your content easier for readers. And most importantly, Easy Table of Contents plays an important role in on-page SEO.

8.Convertful – Your Ultimate On-Site Conversion Tool

Convertful, this plugin is about generating subscribers to your website and collecting subscribers’ data. It allows you to generate as many subscribers as you want and send various gifts, emails, and much more to the subscribers.

With this convertful plugin, you can create a variety of subscriber forms, place them on your website’s sidebar, at the end of the content (inline), in the footer bar and use it as a pop-up, and also set it to the closing tab for free. You need to know more about Email Marketing to know more about this Convertful because the Convertful plugin works directly with Email Marketing.

Click here to know the setup of convertable plugin to generate email subscribers.

9. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7, pretty much everyone knows about this plugin. If you use a website, you must create a Contact Us or Contact Me page. So that any customer or any reader can easily contact you.

What plugin is very important

To make your website user friendly and Google friendly, you have to create contact pages. Google has aspect 3 extra pages on your website, Privacy Policy Pages, About Pages and Contact Pages. You have to create contact pages for the best SEO of your site. If you want to create a contact page that is completely free, completely easy, and completely compatible, you must use Contact Form 7.


CommentLuv, this plugin is a special plugin. With this, you can create some extra links for your site. For example, if you comment on a site, that site will only show your comment. But if you or anyone else activates this comment Luv plugin on their site, you will get another extra benefit with the comment.

What plugin is very important

Almost everyone knows what happens when you comment on different sites. Backlinks are created for your site. But that backlink is made for a particular page. In most cases, backlinks to the homepage are created. But with the help of this comment Luv plugin, you can create backlinks to your main page as well as backlinks to your post or any particular page. This means you can create backlinks of two things at the same time with the help of this comment Luv plugin.

If you comment on a site that has a CommentLuv activated, there will be another option below when you comment, where you will show 10 of your articles, you can choose one of them and add it to the comment. Direct next to your comment will show a link to your article or post.

The same goes for those who will comment on your site, they will also be able to comment on your site in exactly the same process. That means you have to use the CommentLuv plugin to get double benefits.

11.Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam, this is a spam-protected plugin. It is available both free and paid. For any site, this Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin is very useful.

Spam can come to your site in a variety of ways, such as comments, guest posts, and many more. I’m just giving you a basic idea. The more spam you have, the lower your site’s ranking will be. And once the spam arrives you have to spend a lot of time and money to reduce that spam. It takes at least 1 year to reduce spam. And it costs money to detect spam. It’s not that you paid somewhere and he reduced your site spam, it doesn’t.

You must use Akismet Anti-Spam to start or keep growing your site and to prevent site spam, this plugin is also very effective for protecting the health of the site. There are many more plugins in the market, but in my opinion, this plugin is the most effective.

12.AccessPress Anonymous Post

AccessPress Anonymous Post, this plugin allows you to add guest post features to your site. Guests are very useful if you are a blogger.

If you add guest post feature, guests will be able to post on your site. Posting a guest creates a kind of backlink to your site, and this backlink is the most important factor in increasing your site’s domain authority and page authority. Click here for more details on the guest post feature or AccessPress Anonymous Post.


All of the plugins I mentioned above are free resources. If you have any feedback or know more plugins that are very useful for running a website smoothly, let us know about those plugins in the comment box, or you can post as a guest post (must be a 600-word post)

If you think I made a mistake somewhere, don’t hesitate to let me know. I will correct it. Thank you so much for being with me.

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  2. These are some great plugins that you have mentioned here. I personally think that Yoast SEO should also be on this list as its an essential SEO plugin for WordPress.

    I use the free version and i think it does a great job.

    Great Post!


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